LOVE Letters (Wedding DIY by Simone Heng)


As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s time to profess your love for that special someone in your life. What better way to do it than with big, glittery letters? These letters can be used at the bridal registry table at your wedding, as well as being displayed at your engagement party. What you need: Foam or […]

DIY Moustache and Lips for Wedding Photo Props


DIY Moustache and Lips for Wedding Photo Props There is a huge market out there for these props. We say why not make them yourself, if you can? Our lovely expert panel member, radio presenter and founder of, Simone Heng, has some of the best DIY projects around. This one is no exception. Now let’s […]

DIY “Love Letters of Great Men” Wreath

BCME DIY feature, are delighted to bring our readers our first DIY contribution from our expert panel member Simone Heng, founder of, enjoy! We all adored it when Carrie Bradshaw began reading the “Love Letters of Great Men” book in the first “Sex and the City” movie. Inspired by this I wanted to create a wedding […]