10 Creative Ombre Wedding Cakes

ombre wedding cakes _ petals _ pleats

10 Creative Ombre Wedding Cakes Ombre… it’s taking over!  From hair, clothes, eye shadow to nail polish, the trend of ombre has made its way into the wedding too. Ombre has a watercolour feel that adds to its spectacular interest and charm. It’s easy to incorporate this ombre wedding trend into your wedding theme with the […]

Wedding Colour Scheme Inspiration – Bride Club ME’s pick of the week.


Choosing wedding colours can be tricky, and we appreciate that every bride-to-be could use a little inspiration. On a weekly basis, we scour the net, searching for stunning colour combinations, that will help inspire your big day. First up: Bubble Gum, Licorice, Pink Cadillac, Hot Pink and Chalk Board.

Hen Party Ideas | 5 Blow The Budget Suggestions


Hen Party Ideas Let’s talk about the all so famous Hen party, otherwise known as the bachelorette party. These words can strike fear into the minds of the most calm of brides-to-be, but can also be great fun and a wonderful time to bond with your closest female friends (or male if you so choose). […]

Bridal Henna – The Magic of Tradition and Creativity by Vandana Makar

BCME bridal henna feature- Vandana Makar

Bridal Henna It is an ancient form of adornment used in the Middle East as far back as 1,200BC. Today, in the East, the application of henna is cultural, while in the West it is simply a fashion statement. Bride Club ME explores the myth, magic and mystique behind intricate henna patterns, with bridal Henna […]

Wedding Videography in the UAE – Special Moments Captured

Wedding video feature

Have you ever had to sit through a wedding video that was too long and painful to watch? Fuzzy images, bad sound quality, moments of boring content, shots of peoples backs and so on? There are many people out there who own expensive video cameras and claim to be wedding videographers, but it takes real […]

The Couture Little Mermaid – Beach Ceremony Inspiration

Wedding Inspiraton - Mermaids and beaches (8)

Here at the Bride Club ME HQ, we fell in love with this breathtaking stylised photo shoot, entitled ‘The Couture Little Mermaid – Beach Elopement’, designed and coordinated by ‘Couture Events’; a boutique event and wedding styling coordination company, based in San Diego, CA. The pictures appealed to us, because in the UAE, there are […]