Baby Club ME: Having A Baby On A Budget! Rio’s Baby Journey After Marriage

Having A Baby On A Budget

Yup, that’s right, having a baby is NOT cheap, least of all when you are having one in Dubai! The hubby and I are having to be very frugal and clever when it comes to giving this wee man growing inside me everything he needs. There are some costs that are inventible and cannot be avoided, such as adequate medical insurance and good maternity cover (if like me you run your own business and are not on hubby’s insurance), pre-natal classes if you choose to take them, and general health related products such as a 9-month supply of vitamins…It all adds up, so it is wise to save the pennies wherever possible, if needed.

Whilst we have had to shell out a lot, there have been ways that we have significantly saved so far, and below I highlight them in the hope that it may help some of you lovely Mummies-to-be in the future.

Blue Baby Blocks with Pacifier on American Cash

Buy Pre-Loved

I must admit, at first I was a little snobby when it came to buying used items, but I swiftly changed my mind when I saw the price tag that came along with some of the new baby items I loved! There are certain things I’d rather buy new for hygiene and safety reasons, but so far, I’ve managed to nab some fabulous bargains.

I purchased both my cot and changing table, which were originally from Pottery Barn and in excellent condition, via a post I saw on the Pre-loved Dubai group on Facebook. The changing table came with a changing mat, cover and baskets/linens. It was a bargain buy that would have cost me nearly 4000AED in total for the cot, table and all the accessories if it were brand new.


I also really wanted a mamaroo, after hearing lots of Mums rave about it online, but I couldn’t justify the price tag. I put a call out on one of the Mummy Facebook groups and got an immediate response back from a mother who was selling an almost brand new, barely used mamaRoo for half the price of a new one. Bargain!

Facebook groups that I recommend when looking for bargains are The Real Mums of DubaiPre-loved Dubai and Second Hand Dubai.

I also managed to pick up some cute pre-loved baby clothes and nursing cloths at the Baby Bazaar Market, which is definitely worth a visit. Just remember to always double check for quality and usage if you are buying second hand.

Don’t Turn Your Nose Up At Hand Me Downs

I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of girlfriends who are already mummies and have gifted me so many of their own pre-loved items. I kind of miss that I am not around my family, who I know would be passing me on their items, so having my own little Dubai family really helps. So far we have been gifted clothes, a baby bath, and brand new, unopened items such as a thermometer and socks. I have also been given a diaper bin (sterilised of course) and other items. All of these things I will need and will use. Sometimes friends are having major clear outs and are keen to pass on everything; don’t be afraid to say you don’t need certain things if you don’t, but graciously accept that of which you do. Believe me, your friends take great pleasure in helping you. I hope I can pass on the love to a mummy-to-be friend when the time comes.


If you are a dab hand at DIY, you can always save yourself some pennies by upcycling furniture items or making your own things such as mobiles. See here for some cute baby mobile tutorials. I intend on DIY’ing some of the more creative elements of baba’s nursery (below images via



Shop During The Sales & Use Special Discount Codes

Currently, Pottery Barn and Destination Maternity have big sales on. I have managed to find myself some bargains and save hundreds of dirhams on items I already had my eye on. You’ll need to hurry, as the sales won’t last much longer!

As for special discount codes, if you are a member of the ‘Real Mums of Dubai’ Facebook page, you are also entitled to a 10% discount on non-sale items at, just use ‘RMD10’ at checkout!


I hope the above helps a bit ladies, and I shall be back soon with my #projectnursery update and some sneak peaks at my progress; my favourite part about being pregnant so far, aside from growing this little kickboxer inside of me.




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