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    Hi ladies.

    I’m Rio, founder of Bride Club ME. I’m also engaged and will be marrying in November 2013 at the Desert Palm/Dubai. I’d love to hear all about your engagement and please feel free to share pictures of your rings :) .

    My engagement was pretty boring really, no fireworks or beach proposals, but it was special non the less and took place in the hallway of my apartment after an emotional heart to heart with my fiance… the following day we celebrated and went to the place where we had our first date, a sea food restaurant at the Madinat Jumeirah…..after we wallowed in the glow of our excitement we then called home to tell our families to good news  🙂 

    So ladies, please do share your stories with is in this thread and welcome to Bride Club ME.


    Rio xx:cool:



    Hi Rio & To all Bride Club ME Brides,


    I’ve been following the Bride Club Me in a while but just started today checking out the forums.  I am also getting married in November this year.  But it will be in the Philippines.


    I got engaged last year in August at Praslin, Seychelles.  It was the most amazing vacation and experience of my life.  My finace and i were on a speed boat cruising the Praslin.  So while we’re waiting for the sunset, we had champagne and some snack then he start talking crazy and romantic and pulling off the ring from his pocket.  The boat men (2 of them) they were taking photos of us while my boyfriend (fiance now) was proposing to me.  I don’t know why there were no tears coming out from my eyes but laughter HUGE SMILE on my face.  I almost jump off the boat to make sure i wasn’t dreaming (but i’m glad i didn’t do it :smile:).  Then he had to ask me again coz i forgot to answer just smiling and can’t talk.  I was so happy.  Of course i said YES.  Then when we got back to our hotel, there was a table near the shore set-up for us.  My man really did a lot of effort on this.  The next day everybody from the hotel was asking for the ring.  So they all know he’s going to propose except for me. 😮 Really cannot forget that…


    Thank you so much for reading my Engagement Story share…  Hope you all have a good one…


    By the way, is there any easy way to upload or insert photo from here?  I don’t know how to… Tnx




    Hi there. Thank you so much for kicking this thread off with your story. Your proposal sounds beautiful and you really do have a diamond man! What a beautiful start to your engagement xxx


    Come on ladies, don’t be shy. What about you? Share your stories with us 





    Congratulations, Rio and Jayce…

    Engagements, no matter how it was done, planned or straight from the core of their hearts, it’s always touching, memorable and mind-blowing. My fiance knows that the beach is the place I can truly relax, especially at night, when people have gone back to bed and all that you can see darkness and lights from the houses and the ships going by (like fairylights :) ) anyways, we went out for dinner while on vacation in Sri Lanka and we were strolling through the beach, and the he said there was something stuck in the sand out loud (I didn’t realise we circled a few times in that same area a few times to make sure that he pulled it off just right – he told me this later :) ). We found a bottle with a piece of paper in it, and as I opened it and started reading it, he got down on one knee and proposed. He had taken a ring from my collection and gotten it sized with a replica of the Blue (Ceylon) Sapphire. That was one of the reasons why he picked out this vacation spot too (because the original sapphire came from Sri Lanka (then Ceylon). I thought that was pretty cool, and the ring -beautiful. But it was sweet that he listened to my insane treasure hunting + Pirates of the Caribbean gibberish and put something this lovely together :)  


    I cannot wait to read more engagement stories. I hope you guys are well into your wedding planning :D  




    Thank you for sharing your lovely story…..:)

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