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    Hi Ladies

    So, I am almost at T-7weeks to the big day, and of course my usually hassle free skin has decided to be the worst I have ever had it! I have some severe blemishes and stupid little pimples coming out. I have upped my water intake, and have adopted a daily skincare regime (more intense than my normal wash and go), and it doesn’t seem to be working much.
    Do you have any suggestions to clear up my skin? Any good affordable facials etc?




    Hello Della, welcome to Bride Club ME – I hope you are finding the site useful. Oh no, what a pain…… Are you stressed? Firstly, try and sleep more and drink plenty of water. I am having ‘paprika’ facials at Sugar Urban Nails/JTL every month in the lead up to my own wedding and it’s working really well for me (touch wood) – I also use the Body Shop Tea tree range for toner and cream. Check out our vendor club under ‘bridal beauty’ for a list of good clinics and salons and also check out our beauty features, there are some expert tip features on looking after your skin in general and in the lead up to your big day. Good luck xx



    oooo…paprika facial…sounds interesting! Thanks for the tips, I will look into it.
    I have upped my water intake and limited my coffee to two cups a day… it seems to be working a little.



    What a pity….I hope you have clear your skin,another you can choose a big dress to keep out it.Prom wedding dresses you can have a look~~



    Hello Ladies,
    I hope you are doing well and i really enjoy to be part of this website, and i’m very worried about skin, recently i had visited an doctor because i got some pimples on my face he gave me a wrong medicine so i got problem regarding my injury any one here can help me ?



    please don’t be worried about your skin.i think if a dress is matching you,you will look beautiful .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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