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Phioro is a luxury fine jewellery house that transforms the depth of your love story into unparalleled creations. Established by Dubai native Clare Pardoe, Phioro is renowned as one of the Middle East’s premier emerging luxury brands for exceptional, bespoke & limited edition fine jewellery. We enable you to create the engagement ring and wedding bands of your dreams, that encapsulate the love you feel for one another at the heart of the design.

From the engagement ring to wedding jewellery (including bridesmaid’s jewellery, groomsmen’s cufflinks, tie pins, and wedding gifts)  we embrace your concept within each and every piece you may need for your special day. Our alluring designs focus on engagement and wedding ring sets that fit together flawlessly like two pieces of a puzzle.

Founder and Designer Clare Pardoe will work with you to develop your own personalised concept and design, inspired by your individual love story.

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