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Do you fret over how to word your wedding invitation? How to manage a bridal registry? On a tight budget and want some crafty DIY inspiration? Perhaps you need advice on make-up styles, how to stop the tears ruining your mascara?

Welcome to our Expert Panel!

www.brideclubme.com brings to our reader’s advice and opinion pieces from the region’s leading wedding industry professionals, fashion, and beauty and D.I.Y mavens. Who better to dispense with insider information than these hand-selected experts who live and breathe their craft? Our panel recognises how important it is to celebrate your life’s high moment – your wedding! – With personal meaning, deep intention, and an awareness of wishing to giving back to your family and friends on the day. Our editorial team will always be on the hunt for the latest fashion inspirations, wedding trends and news to bring to our readership. However for in-depth knowledge of critical aspects of wedding planning, we will rely on the expertise of our wedding, beauty and fashion industry professionals. Tap into their expertise in our ‘Ask an Expert’ section of the website.

Mennat - Bride Club ME Expert Panel Member
Mennat is our resident Abu Dhabi based wedding planning expert and Founder of Cloud 9 Weddings and Events Organizing. With the help of her idol and mother, Mennat started her business at home, creating beautiful settings for private events, fast forward a few years and she has turned her home-grown idea into a fully fledged business. We personally love Mennat’s keen eye for detail and modern upcoming wedding inspirations, as well as her passion for the growing UAE wedding industry.

Mennat is also an active blogger, penning her wedding planning musings over at her own Cloud 9 Weddings & Events blog.  Mennat will be bringing our readers regular wedding planning tips, advice and wedding style inspirations. Her mantra is, “Never to win the pitch for a million dollar wedding, but to win the trust of the couple, to create the best wedding they can afford”… And that’s why team Bride Club ME love her! 

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Kelly Lundberg - Bride Club ME Expert Panel Member
Kelly Lundberg is the founder of StyleMeDivine.com, a bespoke styling agency that helps both men and women to cultivate their own style when choosing clothes, shoes and accessories. As a member of the BCME expert panel, Kelly will be contributing fashion and style tips for our readers in the areas of bridal and honeymoon fashion. Kelly brings with her a wealth of experience, and has the accolades to prove it. She has won the Lloyds TSB Small Business Award for Creative Promotion, as well as being a finalist in both the People’s Choice category and Most Admirable Business Woman category at the SME Advisor Awards. Additionally, she also featured in Ahlan’s Hot 100 personality of the year.

Kelly has authored two best selling books and has worked as a presenter on television channels such as The Discovery Channel and The Luxury Travel Channel. We are absolutely delighted to have her on board! 

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Dahlia Haleem-Demjanenko - Bride Club ME Expert Panel Member
Dahlia Haleem-Demjanenko is an award-winning make-up artist and hairstylist. In 2012 she co-founded DHD Beauty along with her twin sister as an answer to a market need for modern bridal make-up and hair styling in the UAE that catered to all backgrounds and ethnicities. Since its inception DHD Beauty has become a leading favorite amongst women in the UAE for all of their beauty needs, and are regularly featured in the UAE press. In 2014 DHD Beauty added their coveted make-up classes to their repertoire, teaching women how to perfect their own make-up in a relaxed, hands-on manner in their private classroom and studio.

With a strong social media following on Facebook and Instagram, Dahlia is counted amongst one of the UAE’s most trusted beauty bloggers and social media influencers. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to receiving lots of tips and advice from Dhalia on all things beauty!

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Dee Popat - Bride Club ME Expert Panel Member
Dee Popat is Head of Family Law Department at James Berry & Associates, Legal Consultants, and joins our BCME expert panel as a Specialist in the area of Family Law. We often receive weekly emails from brides and grooms to-be, seeking advice on the legal implications of marrying in the UAE & it is with great pleasure that we can now forward our readers to our expert panelist Dee Popat.

Dee graduated with an LLB (Hons) from London Guildhall University in 1996 and is an accredited member of the Law Society of England & Wales, Family Law Panel. Dee has extensive experience in Family Law both in UK and UAE. She is a competent and thorough lawyer whether in the Litigation arena or utilising Collaborative Law principles. James Berry & Associates also provide legal assistance in other areas of law. Please click here for more details. 

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