Top 10 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Dance With Dance For You Dubai

Top 10 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Dance

Back in July, our vendor club members Dance For You, revealed their top 5 most requested first dance songs by Dubai couples. The songs were a wonderful reflection of the multicultural city that we call home.

One thing that all couples need when they begin thinking about their first dance is some guidance on the kind of issues that only the experts will be aware of…things that the average bride and groom with no dance background would not even consider. Therefore, we are delighted to have Dance For You back on the site this week, as they discuss ten things to think about when planning your first dance. We hope that these top tips help you when planning that oh-so-special moment as man and wife!

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10 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Dance

Above: The Dance For You team.

♡ For the groom: We always recommend that grooms remove their jacket for the first dance! This is because, in some photographs, the groom’s shoulder can appear to be above his head due to the jacket, and in particular, cotton shoulders which are stitched to the jacket. So, grooms, dance in your shirt and all your perfect counts, steps, poses and lifts will look outstanding in your photos and videos afterward.

♡ If the bride’s dress has a big veil or train and a couple wishes to have some incredible turns during the first dance, we highly recommend that they either make the train attachable or bring a similar dress with the same accessories to the third practice in order to work around and adjust the requested turns.

10 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Dance

Image credit: Harry Cruz.

♡ Another point on the bride’s dress; if it is heavy and has many layers, we recommend that you skip any quick dances that you may have planned and stick to the elegant, smooth and slow ones to avoid high physical load to the bride and groom. Also, in this case, it’s better to have more poses in the wedding routine rather than many steps so that you don’t exhaust yourselves after just one dance!

♡ Keep your wedding song to a maximum of three minutes so that you can have fun and not be too tired after. This will also help to keep the interest of your guests.

♡ Start to take wedding dance classes as soon as possible if you wish to perform a spectacular wedding dance as time is needed for muscle memory to be efficient. Remember when you learned how to ride a bicycle, drive a car or when you learned how to swim….it did not happen in one day.   


♡ Know the size of your dance floor and where your guests will be (are they around the dance floor or will they be on only one side?). If the dance floor is big enough you will have ample space to perform your steps. However, if the dance floor is an unusual shape, let your dance instructor know in advance so that they can adjust the wedding dance routine. Know where your guests will be facing. If your guests will be around the dance floor let us know in advance so that we can make sure your wedding dance will be seen by everyone and not just some of your guests.

♡ Have an idea of where you wish to enter the dance floor from and when you would like to start your first dance. Many couples need time to get from their table to the dance floor. Please let your dance instructor know if you would like to surprise your guests with your dance and count this time as part of your wedding dance routine as well.

10 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Dance


♡ Bring the shoes you plan to dance in on the fourth or fifth dance lesson to try them on and start to practice in them, as shoes have a certain height of heel which will change your weight position and balance, especially when you dance. The sooner you start to practice in your wedding shoes, the easier it will be on your actual wedding day!

♡ Consider the dance floor you and your partner will be performing your first dance on. Is it slip proof? If you are dancing on a surface like marble, things can get tricky. Place a plaster on the sole of your shoe, for added friction and support.

♡ Once the wedding dance routine is complete, we recommend that you come to our weekly practice session and perform it in front of our students in order to experience how it feels to perform your dance in front of guests and to see how perfectly your first dance meets your requirements. 


We hope that you enjoyed reading this feature in collaboration with Dance For You. If you and your husband to be would like some assistance with your first dance, check out Dance For You’s vendor profile for an exclusive offer for BCME readers, or visit their website. You can also call them on +971 (0)4 552 0153 or email  [email protected].

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