A Catch up with Goldfish Photography & Video | New Studio Tour

A Catch up with Goldfish Photography & Video

Towards the end of last month, BCME’s Assistant Editor Rachael visited our super talented vendors, Goldfish Photography & Video, at their new studio over at the aptly named Dubai Studio City. Meeting with Managing Partner, Claire Riley (who very kindly provided plenty of cookies), Rachael learnt all about why Goldfish Photography & Video decided to move, how the business is expanding and witnessed first hand their new, creative space. Read on for Rachael’s impressions of the studio and her interview with Claire.

As usual, when I have an appointment, I try to be super organised and check out not only the location, but also the parking situation. I’m sure we’ve all had those times when we reach our destination on time, but then have to struggle to find parking, making us late! I was therefore delighted when I arrived at Goldfish Photography & Video’s building, and was able to park outside the door!

Entering the studio was a real ‘WOW’ moment for me, and I was immediately gripped by the light and airy space, the intricate and unique artwork that adorned the walls, and the vibrant orange colour scheme. The studio felt different and immediately put me at ease, which is exactly what you should look for when choosing a photographer. Claire was very personable (and I’m not just saying that because she witnessed how many cookies I devoured whilst we chatted) and I really enjoyed finding out about Goldfish Photography & Video and their services. I left feeling inspired and somehow lifted just from being in the studio. To find out more, have a look at the interview and images belowRachael – Assistant Editor at Bride Club ME.

Thanks for showing me around the studio Claire! Why did Goldfish Photography & Video decide to move?

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit our new studio. We decided to move from our previous office in Dubai Media City as we desperately needed more space, and wanted to allow ourselves the opportunity to grow. Our office, now based in Dubai Studio City, is a light and airy creative space, with areas for us to hold meetings and conduct photo shoots. It also allows us private areas for post production. Like Media City there are a lot of other creative companies in the area with whom we have existing relationships, and the close proximity makes it easier to maintain those relationships.


Another huge bonus of Dubai Studio City is the available parking. Our clients found it very difficult to access our office in Media City, due to the lack of parking in the area. It is our priority to make visiting us as easy as possible, and with Studio City we have plenty of parking right outside the front door.

Your new studio is a very creative space and also very welcoming. Tell us about some of your favourite items/parts of the studio…

I have a few personal favourites to be honest, but a part of the studio that I love is the artwork that we have on the wall. When we first started Goldfish Photography & Video our aim was to set ourselves apart and really focus on our branding and style. As with everything, these things take time but if you have the determination and the vision of what you want to achieve, slowly you can get there.

We have artwork covering all of the wall space in the office. We wanted this to represent us as a company, and also to incorporate aspects of our location, such as the Dubai Skyline and the cranes representing the constant growth of the city.  We have a very talented friend based in the UK, Joseph Venning, who is an artist and can bring any idea to life. Usually he paints directly onto the wall space, so we struggled with him being in the UK and had to search for a company that were willing to take on such an intricate design without ruining the artwork. That’s when we found the lovely ladies over at E-Walls Studio, who did a great job of bringing our artwork to life.


We have lots of other details that I really love, such as the vintage frames on our office doors that we picked up in the UK and had our designer implement the artwork for them. The cushions we purchased from Spittle Fields Market in London last summer as big sacks, and had a family member kindly make them into office cushions.


For the furniture, we knew what we wanted and had sourced ideas on the internet, but we had to find someone to make it for us. We gathered old crates and had a friend of ours make them into pieces of furniture, with a tailor to make the cushions for the tops of the stools and sofa. Of course, they had to be orange!

Other details are little bits that we collect along the way to add to the style of the office. It’s a great space now!

We talked a little about how Emirati weddings and how Goldfish Photography & Video caters for these. How can any Emirati readers be assured of privacy, both during a shoot and throughout the editing and delivery process?

We work with a lot of Emirati clients and fully understand and respect the privacy and confidentiality involved in each and every event, family shoot or wedding that we are asked to cover. We have a full female team, and a private editing suite where all post production takes place by females only. We even have female printers for any albums required, which are then packaged for delivery very carefully to maintain privacy at all times.


In the studio, we have added a viewing area that can be blocked off and made private. This way we can hold viewings, and meet with Emirati clients to discuss requirements in complete privacy.


You’ve recently changed the options for how a couple will receive their wedding photographs. Please talk us through the choices available to them, display wise…

It takes time to really get a style that you love and want to keep as the brand for your company. When we document a wedding, we understand that they are so special and so private to each couple. The process is not just about the actual wedding day itself, it is a long process that requires lots of time and editing to ensure we are delivering the very best finished product that we can, and that includes the packaging. We initially delivered more traditional wedding boxes, in black and white, which we still use for our Emirati clients, as they are very popular.


We recently re-designed the packaging to keep the final product in line with our brand. The packages have a rustic and romantic feel, and all of our recent Brides have been absolutely delighted with them. The package includes images and video on branded USB’s along with a few printed images, which we offer as a little sneak peak on collection.


Videography is a big part of your business. Why should a couple opt to have a videographer at their wedding?

We recommend video to all of our wedding clients. Hand in hand with the photography, a video is the perfect way to tell your story and really capture your day as it unfolds.

Wedding videos have changed dramatically over the years. There used to be a requirement for hours and hours of footage to be delivered from the big day. Now there are much more dynamic ways of capturing and delivering the romance of a couple’s commitment to each other, in the form of a beautiful highlights montage set to music.

Most people see the importance of having video in addition to photography on their big day, and others often regret not having it. Being in Dubai, a video is a great way to make friends and family that could not be present really feel like they were there on the day.

We have several packages available, and always advise on the package that we feel would suit you best.

We have Red EPIC cameras in house, which are perfect for weddings. By shooting with these camera systems, we can acquire footage at a staggering 4K resolution, which is more than triple the resolution of full HD. The EPIC camera is the same camera used to shoot Hollywood blockbusters such as the Hobbit and The Amazing Spiderman.

By mastering your wedding at 4K, you are not only future proofing the quality of your film for years to come, but you can also feel proud knowing that you are getting your very own cinematic masterpiece to reflect how special your big day truly is.

An additional option is to have a video booth, which you can view examples of on our website. This is usually best to have a little later in the evening when everyone is nice and relaxed, and really captures the fun.


You also cover a range of occasions and events, such as new-born photo shoots and corporate videos. Tell us about any exciting projects coming up…

Yes, we cover all areas of photography and video, and have a very talented team who work across the different areas. Events, Commercial and Corporate video are a large part of our business. We have several VIP events coming up in the next few months, along with a series of brand and style videos for one of our favourite clients…..and of course it is wedding season. There are lots of exciting projects on the horizon, including lot’s of lovely shoots with babies :).


And finally, we hear that Goldfish Photography & Video are expanding, staff wise! Tell us about the new positions you are currently filling and what this means to the business…

Over the past three years we have focused on adapting to working as a new business. We have used the time to the best of our ability, not only to learn and grow as a company (and anyone here in Dubai knows the obstacles that can be faced) but also as individuals. Running a business takes all of your time (usually 7 days a week of it), huge amounts of commitment and determination, and a very strong belief in what you do. You have to live, love and breathe your profession. If you can do that, you can then begin to take it to the next level and begin to grow your team. And this is something that we are very excited about.

Goldfish group pic

We are delighted to be able to offer the position of Receptionist, and photographer/editor to join us. We have started the interview process but welcome any new applicants who feel that they may be a great asset to the current Goldfish Photography & Video team (pictured above).

Thanks Claire! You can check out Goldfish Photography & Video’s vendor listing and special offer for BCME readers here. You can visit their website at www.goldfishdubai.com.

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