DIY Umm Ali Ice Cream – Adding A Touch Of Regional Charm Into Your Special Occasion

DIY Umm Ali Ice Cream

Expats getting married in the Middle East often wish to have some part of the celebration reflecting their new adopted home but are unsure about how to achieve it. Following a request from Bride Club ME’s Rio for such a touch for her own reception, I suggested a twist on Umm Ali, a perennial favourite at buffets.

Wedding DIY recipe

This dessert is super easy, affordable and delicious, infusing a small bit of regional charm into your special occasion. It will delight everyone, especially your friends and family who have flown in from abroad and are hoping to sample a little bit of the region.

In its original form, Umm Ali is the Egyptian version of bread and butter pudding. It tastes great but, perhaps, lacks sufficient presentation and it’s appearance can turn off unadventurous eaters.


This is how it normally looks:

DIY recipes - Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Umm Ali


However, by combining Umm Ali with vanilla ice cream, you can achieve something much more presentable for your dinner service.

DIY recipes - Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Use equal amounts of Umm Ali and Vanilla Ice Cream



·         Umm Ali (I bought mine from Reem Al Bawadi)

·         Vanilla ice cream

·         Honey

·         For decoration use non-edible dried rose buds



1 – Take your ice cream out of the fridge and let it soften. Also cool your Umm Ali to room temperature.

DIY Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Leave your ice Cream to soften

2 – Put the ice cream into a medium mixing bowl and then fold in the Umm Ali.

DIY recipes - Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Fold the Umm Ali and Ice Cream together until blended well.

3 – Replace the mixture into the ice cream container and return to the freezer to set overnight. For large quantities, use large air-tight freezer containers.

DIY Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Scoop back into your ice cream tub

4 – To serve, scoop ice cream into serving bowls and drizzle honey over. For an extra elegant touch, use tea rose buds as non-edible garnishes.

The Final Result

DIY recipes - Umm Ali Icecream

Above: Delicious and beautifully presented  Umm Ali Ice cream


Happy DIYing and for more great DIY ideas hit up and keep an eye out for my contributions on Bride Club ME.

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