Expert Advice: Honeymoon Beauty Tips From Hannah Lisa

Honeymoon Beauty Tips from Hannah Lisa

After the stress and excitement of the wedding day comes the relaxation of your honeymoon. Congratulations! This is such a special time for you and your hubby to enjoy together, and a chance to recuperate after a perhaps frantic run up to your big day.

But with your honeymoon comes other considerations, particularly in terms of your beauty routine and make up. For this week’s expert advice, BCME expert panel member and make-up artist Hannah Lisa tells us how to prepare for travel and different climates to ensure that you feel just as good about yourself on your honeymoon as you did on your wedding day. Enjoy!


Beauty wise, your honeymoon is just as important as your actual wedding day. It’s such a romantic time that of course you want to look your ultimate best, both for your new husband and the photos that will serve as lifetime memories that you can look back on.


Nowadays, there are so many different honeymoon destinations around the world that couples can choose from and they’re all so different! But there are some key elements that are important to remember, wherever you go. For example, when flying at 35,000ft, there is almost no humidity whatsoever, which can wreak havoc with the moisture levels in your skin. Make sure you drink lots of water, take a nice thick moisturiser which you can reapply throughout the flight, and consider buying a moisturising mist like Caudalies grape water spray. This will refresh your skin mid-flight and rehydrate it at the same time. I would also advise you to take your makeup off before you fly, to avoid clogging your pores and so that your skin can breathe. This is especially important for long flights where you plan to sleep a little!

1.Caudalie Grape Water

If your final destination is a little on the chilly side, products such as lip balm are paramount. The LAST thing you want on your honeymoon is chapped lips! So keep topping them up to protect them from the cold, with a nice natural balm like the ones from Figs and Rouge. They have a great range of tinted balms too if you want a bit of extra colour. The skin on your lips is similar to that of the eye area. Both areas are thinner than the rest of your skin and therefore more sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, combine your lip balm with an intense eye cream like Rodials Bee Venom Eye Cream which incorporates stem cell technology to prevent any dryness and aid in anti-aging.


If, like me, you prefer the sun and are hopping off to a beach paradise, I cannot stress enough the importance of an SPF! The sun can cause so much damage on many levels, so it is vital to protect your skin from its harmful rays. My favourite range of sun protection is Hawaiian Tropic. The smell literally makes me happy and I think it works really well. They also have a nice after sun which can help to prolong your tan and soothe your skin. To help your tan to last longer and look glowing and even, use an exfoliator every other day. My favourite is ‘Rub Rub Rub’ from Lush.


Make sure to you keep your hair conditioned when on a beach holiday too. The sun, sea and chlorine are your hair’s worst enemy and will cause dryness that can contribute towards split ends and breakage. Use a hair mask or oil to combat this. I tend to put one in my hair during the day while I’m on the beach so my hair is soft when I wash it in the evening. My favourite mask is the Rahuas ‘Omega 9’ mask. It smells divine and my hair is always super soft and shiny after using it. It contains Rahua Oil, which comes from the Unguraha nut found deep within the Amazon rainforest. It’s 100% natural which means it penetrates deeply into each strand.


In terms of makeup, it’s best to keep things simple during the day and spice it up a bit in the evenings. Add to your newly-wed glow by using a dust of Nars Tribulation highlighter across the cheekbones, centre of the nose and cupid’s bow. If you want to wear a bright lip, make sure it’s kiss proof with Kat Von Ds Everlasting Lipstick. I also love Bare Minerals’ volume definition mascara to keep those eyelashes fluttering!

NarsVonDThe most important part of your honey-moon is to enjoy every second of it. That, and the love you and your new husband share, will ensure a radiance that no beauty product can give you.

xX Hannah Xx 

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