Expert Advice From Kelly Lundberg: Put Your Best Foot Forward

 Put Your Best Foot Forward

Shoes are an important part of your wedding day. Although you might not be able to see them under your gorgeous gown, they will help you feel that you have completed your bridal look, give you confidence, and also affect how your dress falls. In her latest piece of expert advice, our expert panel member and founder of StyleMeDivine, Kelly Lundberg, tells us what your options are. You may even be surprised! Have a read and find out how your shoes can reveal your personality on your big day…


Who doesn’t like shopping for shoes? Every bride wants to look amazing from top to toe on their wedding day, which means shoes can’t be just ‘any shoe’. As it’s your party, you can wear anything you want to, however, you do have to pick a pair that reflects you.  

Whilst flats have become seriously fashionable, even if you don’t always feel comfortable in heels you will undoubtedly feel more elegant if you at least start your day off in a heel.  Traditional or classic, bold or edgy, sparkly or with a pop of colour, bold or edgy –  there is a perfect shoe for you.

 Neutral with Nudes

If you are wanting a traditional look then search no further; a classic, timeless and understated white, cream or ivory heel will be the perfect pair for you.  As a great alternative to the white or cream shoe, why not opt for a nude pointy heel which has an elegant leg-lengthening illusion.  Whilst some brides may feel this colour palette is just a little too bland, why not look for a pair with added sparkles or those with an open-toe sandal? Jimmy Choo are renowned for their signature wedding collection.

 Seasonal Embellishment

Add a bit of interest and customise your shoes with crystal, glitter or floral details. Brides who are looking for something unique should check out Not on the High Street. This website offers a wide range of shoes that are versatile enough to be worn with most bridal gowns and ones that will perfectly compliment any style, be it vintage or modern.  Better still, their shoes don’t just have wedding day appeal; they will look great worn with jeans for a long time after your special day! 

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Wedding shoes advice for Dubai brides

 Have Some Fun

Whether you are wearing a short or long gown, shoes can still be fun. Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster and Manolo Blahnik are just some of the many designers that have their own bridal range. Their quirky, colourful and memorable shoes are proving to be popular bridal choices.   For an easy and affordable statement shoe, go bold with a pop of vibrant colour. If you’re looking for a subtle splash of colour, opt for the elegant red-soled Louboutins, definitely a shoe to be worn again.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Wedding shoes advice for Dubai brides

 It Doesn’t Have To Be All Girly

Choose your shoe and personalise.  A popular alternative and go-to choice of modern wedding shoe is the sneaker, well, more specifically, the Converse.  This brand allows brides to truly personalise their shoes and laces with the wording of their choice, such as ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘Wedding Date’ or ‘Bride and Groom’.

For a little extra sparkle, you can even add some bling with Swarovski jewels to the toes.  If sneakers are your choice then why not add some personalised stickers to the soles of your shoes? It’s the perfect way to say ‘I do’.  With Vans and Tods also doing their own versions of wedding day shoes, brides can be spoilt for choice.

 Venue Specific

Brides should always bear in mind their choice of venue when picking their perfect shoe, and the same can be said for the time of year and whether a wedding venue is an outdoor or indoor location.  With destination weddings on the rise, it’s worth thinking about what will work best. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling on a beach in high heels. 

Some shoe designers are taking their designs one step further with Havianas.  Their slim wedding flip-flops come pre-customised with exclusive wedding pins and can offer an alternative and fun shoe choice for the whole bridal party.

No matter what type of shoe you decide is the one for you, you can’t afford to forget to break those bad boys in.  Purchase your shoes well ahead and practice walking in them. 

As a precaution on the day, must-haves to salvage any blisters include no-slip insoles, padded heel grips or back of the heel cushion insoles.  Last and by no means least – don’t forget that all essential pedicure regardless of whether your shoes are open toed or closed. Your tootsies need to be picture perfect too!

Xx Kelly xX

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