Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress | Expert Advice from Kelly Lundberg

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

It’s one of the most exciting yet possibly most stressful elements of planning your wedding. Indeed, as soon as you announce your engagement, one of the things you’ll be asked most after “have you set a date yet?” will be about THE DRESS. Everybody will have an opinion, and almost immediately you’ll enter the minefield of designers, necklines and silhouettes! Thankfully, our new BCME expert panel member Kelly Lundberg, founder of, is on hand to offer readers her ultimate tips for choosing your dream gown. Read on for her advice!


Dresses, like brides, come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you make sure you pick the perfect dream dress? Swept away by the occasion, many brides may start dress shopping too early and find themselves second-guessing that all important choice in the months leading up to the wedding. It’s always best to fine tune the subtle points and plan carefully to ensure that you purchase that all-important perfect wedding dress.


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♡ Perfect Timing

At StyleMeDivine™, we advise that you start looking around eight to ten months before your big day if you are buying from a bridal shop. This gives you plenty of time for alterations. If you are thinking about wearing a custom made dress, then you should consider at least a 6 to 8 month lead-time.   

♡ Budget Friendly

Be clear about your budget and don’t be afraid to say it out loud, to yourself, your friends and to those helping you in your selection process.  And, don’t forget to factor in the alterations, which can often add to the top line.  Get everything in writing from the bridal shop or designer. There are more and more options to rent dresses nowadays, so if your dream dress is not within your budget and you have fallen in love with it, ask if you can rent it or if there is a buy back option.

♡ Fit & Flatter

Involve your trusted counsel, your Mum, sister or a close friend. Keep the list exclusive. Whilst bridal shops have experienced advisors, there is nothing better than engaging the services of your very own personal stylist, who is not necessarily biased towards particular designers or costs.  They will help you to focus on selecting a dress that flatters your shape, suits your style personality and fits your venue choice as well as the all important considerations such as dress length, fabric and what colour of dress will perfectly compliment your skin tone. Choose a dress that fits you now and not ‘when you loose 5lbs’. It’s much easier to take in a dress that’s too big than to let out a dress or be uncomfortable on your wedding day.

♡ Consider Your Theme

If it’s just the two of you on a private beach, a bulky princess ball gown is probably not the ideal choice. You may also need to consider any religious restrictions at your venue. For example, your shoulders might need to be covered.  Choose something that works well for your venue as much as your style personality.

♡ Shop Midweek

If you are serious about finding that perfect dress, avoid the weekends and make a special day of your dress search, setting up appointments during the week. It’s much more fun and definitely more relaxed.  One key thing to remember is that it’s good to look your best when trying on dresses, but avoid wearing make up at all costs. Dresses may well be stock samples, but you can be assured that no bridal assistant wants lipstick all over their latest Vera Wang. Do your hair as it will give you a framework in which to work with. It can be a long day so pack some snacks to keep you going.  

♡ What To Take With You

Bring or wear shape wear, as it’s essential that when trying on dresses you have great underwear which gives the dress the required structure or smooth lines. Pack a pair of heels too; our experience is that whilst bridal shops have sample shoes to try on they are invariably in large sizes. Whilst you are trying on your dress don’t forget it is just one part of the whole picture. It’s as much about the finishing touches, the headpiece, veil and shoes and any other little details that are going to compliment your dress.  Some times it is the simplest of details that creates the greatest impact.

There is no secret number to how many dresses you decide to try on, so don’t get too frustrated or lose heart. It’s good to keep an open mind, since it does happen that clients fall for a wedding gown that they didn’t think they would like or want. Not every dress looks great on a hanger; remember you are only going to do this once so give yourself the time and space to make your choice.  Like your husband-to-be, you will know when you step into it that “it’s the one”.

Xx Kelly xX

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