Five Reasons To Have An Engagement Shoot In The Desert

Five Reasons To Have An Engagement Shoot In The Desert

Here at BCME, we’re often asked where some of our favourite spots in the UAE are – not only in terms of wedding venues but also for special occasions such as engagement shoots. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of options, but one of our recommendations is that couples consider having a desert engagement shoot.

When we received these beautiful images from Goldfish Photography & Video, it once again demonstrated to us that the desert is a truly unique place which lends itself to some breathtaking images. This couple actually traveled from Norway to Dubai, which also shows that you don’t have to be a UAE resident to have a photoshoot here – perhaps you are passing through or visiting friends and would like a fun and unique shoot with your fiancé.

Read on to find out our top 5 reasons to have an engagement shoot in the desert, and to see more beautiful images by Goldfish. Enjoy!

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The light

We all know that photographers love ‘the golden hour’, and what could be more dreamy or romantic than having your shoot in the evening as the sun descends between the dunes? One of the great things about the desert is that it gives you uninterrupted views and vast landscapes, so you can achieve some pretty stunning pictures like the ones below. If your photographer is super talented, your love will really ‘shine’ through!



A pop of colour

The sandy tones of the desert provide the perfect neutral backdrop to your shoot, meaning that any clothes you wear or props you use will truly stand out. Your photographer may even know some secret places where nature flourishes, to add a contrasting colour to some of your shots. With a shoot in the desert, you don’t have to worry about clashing with your surroundings. Neutral colours will also work, but we absolutely adore the vibrant attire worn by the couple in these images.



Memories of your time in the UAE

Let’s face it, most of us do not intend on staying in the UAE forever, however much we might love living here right now. Having your shoot in the desert will mean that you are always reminded of this beautiful place you called home. Even better if you met your husband-to-be here!




Black and white works too

Goldfish’s black and white images have a unique feel to them. It’s almost as if the background melts away entirely, and the focus is solely on the couple. This is fantastic for both close-up up shots and images captured from a distance, as demonstrated below. In all the images, there’s a sense of movement amongst the stillness of the dunes. Think about what you may wish to wear in order to replicate something similar.




Unique and timeless images

Imagine looking back in twenty, thirty or forty years and remembering that special time when you and your husband lived in that exotic country surrounded by sweeping sand dunes mixed in with an air of romance. As we’ve already mentioned, your shoot will provide you with long-lasting memories of your time in the UAE. In addition, the neutral backdrop means that your images will stand the test of time.



If you’re considering a desert engagement shoot here in the UAE, get in touch with Goldfish via their BCME vendor profile, or visit their website here.

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