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Get to Know the Wedding Pro: MHG Beauty

Each week, we shine the spotlight on local companies in the wedding industry, allowing you, our reader, to get up close and personal with some of the best wedding vendors in town. Here, you can learn more about the people behind some of the businesses you may be using to make your wedding day perfect!

This week, we have the privilege of showcasing Monica Hernandez, founder of MHG Beauty. Below, Monica provides us with an exclusive insight into her company and tells us why she became involved in the beauty industry, as well as sharing with us what she loves the most about her job.


Above: Monica Hernandez, founder of MHG Beauty

How long has MHG Beauty been established, and what makes your company unique when it comes to making brides and their families/friends look their very best on their wedding day?

I have been a makeup artist and hair stylist for more than 14 years now. It all started with my sister and I establishing a beauty salon in Mexico called ‘Blush Beauty Inc’. Both of us have now left Mexico, but the business is still running today thanks to my Mom, who manages it, and to the amazing team that has been with us for more than 10 years. When I started travelling and living abroad I came up with a sub-brand, MHG Beauty. The three letters come from the initials of my full name.

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I would say that what makes MHG Beauty unique is how much we believe in understanding your needs and who you are. Always having a conversation or consultation where I do my best to learn what you like about yourself means that when it comes to creating the look I can focus on highlighting your real beauty.


What made you decide to work in the beauty industry?

My Mom and my sister have always been a huge inspiration to me. I don’t ever remember seeing them not looking glamorous. Both my sister and I have always loved everything beauty and fashion related. We began doing it as a hobby. We used to do our friends’ hair and makeup at home and all of a sudden friends of our friends were asking for us to do theirs as well. My Dad was the one who saw the business opportunity and offered to help us establish a business. And that’s how it all started more than 14 years ago.


What do you love most about your work?

There are so many things! I particularly love being creative. There are no two exact same faces, not even with twins. For me, the whole process of meeting someone, getting inspired by their personality and then being able to express that through my art is extraordinary. Obviously, witnessing their happy faces when they see themselves in the mirror after their look is done…..that’s just priceless.

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Do you have any interesting projects happening anytime any time soon, or any current bridal makeup trends that you are excited about?

I have my new blog that I publish once a week on my webpage, sharing not only bridal and every day inspiration but makeup and hair tips too.


I love how bridal beauty is becoming more and more organic, in a way that really connects with me since I love appreciating each person’s own true beauty.

Describe the experience a bride to-be will have when hiring MHG Beauty for her wedding?

That is exactly what I like to call it; an experience. I do my best to make them feel comfortable and I communicate as much information as I can, so that they know they can trust my professional skills. Even more than this, I love making the process completely personalised. Every single bride is unique to me, and that is the look I try to create for them. I want them to be the best version of themselves, to feel comfortable in their own skin so that they project this at their wedding and that even after 20 or 30 years have passed, they still love the way they look in their wedding photographs.

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How do you manage trust from your clients? After all, it is the most important day of their lives.

I consider myself to be a very calm and positive person and I try to transmit that to my clients. I remain focused and dedicated to truly and completely making them feel beautiful inside and out.


If you could give one piece of wedding planning or make up advice to our readers (brides to-be) what would it be?

The sooner you book a trial with your makeup artist and hairstylist, the better. This gives both of you time to know each other. It is also more likely that they will be available for your special day.

As for the look, always be yourself. Don’t do things you have never liked only because it’s a trend or because someone else told you it’s a wedding must. I think there are no rules and the most important thing is being who you are, so that, as I mentioned before, you feel comfortable.


What budgets do you cater for?

I mainly cater for mid-range budgets.

Lastly, why did you choose to list with

I met Rhiannon at a photoshoot and we immediately clicked! She loves what she does and that for me says everything about a business. I think Bride Club ME is a great platform – the website has amazing content that is continuously updated and is really helpful for brides. It has many readers and is very well liked by them. I love that it is a channel or network for brides to easily find me when they are planning their big day.

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