Interview | Get to Know the Wedding Pro: The Shower Tower Company

Get to Know the Wedding Pro: The Shower Tower Company

Each week, we shine the spotlight on Bride Club ME vendor club members, allowing you, our reader, to get up close and personal with some of the best wedding vendors in town. Here, you can learn more about the people behind some of the businesses you may be using to make your wedding day perfect!

This week we have the privilege of showcasing Astrid Ellis, Founder and Owner of The Shower Tower Company. Below, Astrid provides us with an exclusive insight into her company, tells us all about why she works in this industry, and shares with us why her luxurious Soapenirs are the most unique wedding favours in town.


Above: Astrid Ellis, founder and owner of The Shower Tower Company.

How long has The Shower Tower Company been established and what is your business all about?

The Shower Tower Company was established in 2016. We are all about celebrating and sharing iconic memories. As Dubai’s first ever SOAPENIR, we pay tribute to the visionary towers and fascinating buildings of Dubai to bring back your special memories of your wonderful UAE experience.

This unique memento, made with all natural ingredients, will give you a luxury shower experience and leave your skin as smooth as velvet, allowing you to shine like the Burj Khalifa twinkles at night…


What made you decide to work in the beauty industry, and more specifically, to design your own range of products?

I have always been very interested in cosmetics and beauty products. The more I move on in my life the more aware I become about anti-aging.  One day I was walking by the souvenir section at the airport. I used to be a frequent flyer for many years. I looked at the souvenirs and felt a very strong desire to create something unique and luxurious that would reflect this outstanding city with all its vision, beauty and tradition. Coming up with a soap involved combining all of my different passions (cosmetics, building businesses and my passion for this city and its people) into one. The SOAPENIR was born.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being creative and developing ideas. Having said that, I don’t like to be sat down in an office all day long. I like to be out and about, embracing our wonderful city from all its different angles. There is so much to see and all these great people that need to be met – I truly love this city.


Tell us about some of your products…

This sweet-smelling Shower Tower ‘Soapenir’ is a tribute to one of Dubai’s most iconic creations. Its natural ingredients work into a soft lavender lather that will leave your skin softer than velvet and your head buzzing with memories.

Our Shower Towers are all about #memorableluxury. They are made with the highest quality soap and by the finest soap manufacturer in Austria, who have been crafting soap since the 1800s. These luxury Soapenirs will not only evoke happy memories but will also give you baby-soft skin!

One of the key ingredients in our Shower Towers is Shea Butter. This is what makes our soap so, well, ‘soapy’ (and great). It creates a rich lather that leaves your skin so soft, you won’t even have to moisturise!



Describe how couples can make use of The Shower Tower Company for their wedding…

Our luxurious Soapenirs are also available for your wedding gifting needs.

You can align your unique event with the iconic emblems of Dubai whilst celebrating your wedding with your loved ones, all in one luxury gift. We understand how important this wedding is for you. Finding original ways to surprise and gift your family and friends with something that captures this very special moment is not easy. That is why, at The Shower Tower Company, we believe in the benefits of being able to offer a truly thoughtful gift, personalised to your wedding.



What budgets do you cater for?

Our Shower Towers are the highest quality and are made with perfume oil, therefore we consider our Soapenirs as luxurious gifts.

Lastly, why did you choose to list with

Bride Club is a wonderful platform catering to the many needs of brides in the region. It is also a great opportunity to bring together all of the different kinds of beautiful products needed for weddings and showcase them to potential customers. 

Thanks Astrid! For more information about The Shower Tower Company, click on their Bride Club ME vendor listing, or head straight to their website.  

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