Review: Late Night Spa Experience At CHI The Spa, Shangri-La, Dubai

Late Night Spa Experience|CHI The Spa

If you’re a bride-to-be who is busy planning her wedding, you’ve probably realised by now that the process isn’t entirely stress-free. For those of you who also work full time, balancing a career, wedding planning, and a social life can be incredibly challenging at times.

Late Night Spa Experience At CHI The Spa, Shangri-La

BCME’s Founder, Rio, and Assistant Editor Rachael were recently given the opportunity to review the new Late Night Spa Experience at CHI The Spa, located at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai. This new concept is aimed at women (and men) who are in desperate need of some ‘me time’ and is perfect if you want to go straight from work. Below, Rachael reviews the spa for stressed out brides-to-be seeking balance, whilst Rio adds her input as a new Mum. Enjoy!


CHI The Spa is situated on the fourth floor of the recently renovated Shangri-La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. As I live out of town, I left an ample amount of time before our 9 pm appointment in order to get there early despite the evening traffic. Unfortunately, I was held up due to an earlier accident right before the exit I needed to take, which caused a delay of 45 minutes. The rest of my journey to the hotel was plain sailing, but I arrived with only minutes to spare before the appointment. Not quite the relaxing start I had envisioned!


Having said this, as soon as I arrived at the hotel, my stress from the journey began to melt away. Firstly, parking was super easy (I opted not to valet) and, because it was after 8 pm, free! I parked in the regular parking spaces outside the hotel and there were plenty available. Upon entering the hotel, the doorman kindly directed me to the elevators and onwards to the fourth floor. His knowledge was much appreciated, as it saved me time.

CHI The Spa is decorated in a Far Eastern style, with dark wood and deep reds that lend themselves perfectly to an evening appointment. Walking over a water feature filled with rose petals and lined with candles was an interesting touch, whilst the sound of the running water added to the relaxing vibe. The reception desk is warm and inviting, and I was quickly shown to the changing area. Lockers are provided in which to keep your clothes and valuables during your treatment, and, as is customary for a massage, robes, slippers and disposable underwear were placed in the lockers. The changing area contained showers, changing rooms, large mirrors and hair dryers with a range of products for showering and moisturising afterwards.

Health Club & Spa at Shangri-La Reception

Leading on from the main spa is the relaxation area, which I was able to visit after my treatment. This area features beautiful reclining mosaic-tiled ‘beds’ and a number of plunge pools set at a range of different temperatures. It was the perfect place to enjoy the ginger and honey tea that I was offered after my massage. There’s also a steam room and sauna, although sadly I did not get a chance to visit these.

The treatment rooms themselves are incredibly comfortable, and the thing that struck me most upon entering was the heavenly scent! Lavender and Eucalyptus combined to make a relaxing, sleep-inducing aroma; and all this was before I had even laid down on the bed. Throughout the entire treatment, the lights remained dim, which was a really good idea, as I think bright lighting would have ruined the effect somewhat.

Chi The Spa Treatment Room

The Treatment

Drift Away Relaxing Body Massage – Duration: 60 minutes

Before the massage began, my feet were washed in a luxurious footbath containing lavender. As my therapist began to discuss the massage and the areas of tension that I would like her to focus on, I became more and more relaxed.


It was then time for me to climb onto the massage bed, which was super comfortable. Firstly, my shoulders and back were worked on, the therapist selecting a special oil for my dry skin. As she got to work, I could really feel the knots that were melted away under the firm yet relaxing pressure of her hands. For somebody who is only used to having her legs worked on, this was a real treat! I hadn’t realised how much tension I carried in my shoulders in particular; the result of hours spent hunched over my laptop like many people.

I had explained to my therapist that I was a runner, so she was fully prepared to give my legs a good going over! In contrast to my usual sports massages (which can be quite brutal), this was a sensual experience during which I could feel my tense calf muscles begin to relax. Regular enquiries were made to ensure that I was happy with the pressure, which I was.

Turning over onto my back, I became even more comfortable as a soft, weighted eye mask was placed over my eyes. I ventured close to the edge of sleep as if suspended somewhere between dreams and reality. A hot towel was used to remove the excess oil from my body, which also helped to soothe my tender muscles.

At the end of the massage, my therapist gave me the option of showering but advised me to allow the oil to settle into my skin to help with the dryness. I followed her advice and went to the relaxation area to enjoy a delicious ginger tea, which was exactly what I was craving.

Chi Spa Facilities

The Outcome

Once I had reluctantly changed and made my way to leave the spa (which stayed open until midnight), I was given a delightful goody bag at reception. This contained many items to help me to have a restful night’s sleep, including a lavender pillow/body spray and an eye mask. This was a unique touch which I certainly made use of!

Driving home, I tried my best to stay relaxed, and went to bed as soon as I set foot through the door. I had a deep, rejuvenating sleep and woke up feeling fresh and ready to face the day. I would definitely recommend this experience for busy brides-to-be who are juggling the demands of work and wedding planning. It’s perfect ‘me time’ that doesn’t eat into much needed weekends. It would also be fun to experience as a group, such as for a hen do or a way to say thank you to your friends for supporting you as you plan your big day.


Our Founder’s Verdict

As a sleep deprived new Mummy of a seven-week-old baby boy, my massage at CHI The Spa could not have come at a better time. Whilst Daddy held the fort for a few hours at home with the baby, I hopped into a cab and made my way to CHI The Spa at the Shangri-La.

A warm greeting from the staff made me feel instantly welcome and at ease, as it was the longest I would be leaving my baby since having him. My therapist was wonderful and suggested I be massaged on my sides as opposed to my front since I had recently given birth and had been diagnosed with rectus diastasis. She used just the right amount of pressure during the massage and focused on the areas requested; specifically, my feet, neck and shoulders. It was an hour of pure late night bliss using heavenly scented and super relaxing lavender oil.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to enjoy the facilities, but they looked very inviting…hopefully, I shall be back when my little one is slightly older and into a solid nighttime routine. I highly recommend the late night spa experience for stressed out brides-to-be and new Mummies who are in need of a little TLC. Thumbs up from me.

x Rio x


Cost: AED840 for a 60 minute Drift Away Relaxing Body Massage or AED680 for a 90 minute Drift Away Relaxing Body Massage and Facial. The experience is available from 9 pm until midnight.

You can book your own Late Night Spa Experience by calling 04 405 2441 or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, visit the website here.

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