Baby Club ME: Half Way there! Rio’s Baby Journey After Marriage

Half Way there! Rio’s Baby Journey After Marriage

Hello lovelies.

I hope you all enjoyed the long Eid weekend! I spent my Eid weekend spring cleaning and I guess you could call it ‘nesting’, a common term used for pregnant ladies who have an urge to clean and organise during pregnancy, and an overwhelming desire to get their home ready for their new arrival. The nesting instinct is strongest in the later weeks coming up to delivery, but for me it has started now. I am fine with that though; running a business takes up so much of my time and energy, so any chance I get, I crack on with all those pre-baby chores that I need to do.


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I am now over the half way mark at 21 weeks pregnant. The first 3 months felt like a lifetime, but recently, time seems to be flying by, which is great, but also a little scary. As with all pregnancies, a 20-week scan was scheduled by my doctor, Dr Jozsa at Healthbay Polyclinic in Jumeirah. I have to admit, I was anxious between my 16 and 20-week scan, constantly worrying if he was OK in there. At one point, I made an emergency visit to City Hospital, as I had an aching pain in my right side lower abdomen, which was not shifting…wanting to be safe rather than sorry, I made my way to City with my Mummy (who was in town at the time, and insisted I went too). I was seen quickly, but had to drink a tonne of water before they could check by scan.

The doctor was thorough and checked every angle, asked me lots of questions and concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me nor baba. He also concluded that my boy was extremely active. My mum has already nicknamed him a ‘little bruiser’, and seems to think she can tell via his movements in the scan, lol…God help me!

Anyway, fast forward to my 20-week scan with Dr. Jozsa; the scan is called an anomaly scan, which is when the doctor takes a close look at your baby and your womb (uterus) and carries out the scan (sonograph) to check that your baby is developing normally and that his or her organs are all forming as they should be. During the scan the doctor also checks where the placenta is lying in your uterus.

The good news is that my boy seems to be on track, and that everything looks fine, although (as with every scan, it seems), he was extremely active, so the doctor wants to double check his heart at the next scan because he would not keep still long enough to have a good check!


For some reason, my instinct told me that my placenta was front facing, I just felt that I should have been feeling more flutters by 20 weeks, and lo and behold, I was right. The doctor confirmed that my placenta was at the front, meaning it cushions my baby’s blows. Thankfully, it was not covering my cervix, which could make having a natural birth difficult. It is something that will need monitoring, but we shall see.

Lastly, the doctor printed off some scans, including a 4D scan! Well, while the normal scan looked cute, the 4D scan was far from it. He looked scary and had me questioning the doctor loads…who just laughed at me and reassured me he was fine! I felt like a bad mum, but I was genuinely concerned for his nose, which looked like it did not exist! At 20 weeks, the baby has not yet developed all of its chubby baby fat, and in turn, many babies look skeletal still, which can be a bit of a shock.

I’m sure at the next scan, we will see his little nose and baby fat forming. I will love him no matter what, I just want him to be healthy and happy.

Anyhow ladies, I am so excited to start the nursery, which commences on the 20th with a fresh coat of paint. In my next update, I will be talking about pre-loved vs brand new items and I shall be revealing some of my bargain buys so far both for the baby and for the nursery,

Until next time……


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  1. What lovely reading and photos so beautifully written,
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