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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag – My List

So, if like me you are pregnant and want to be ultra-organised and have everything in order, you may very well be thinking about putting together your hospital bag. I started thinking about this at around week 30 and gradually filled up LO’s cot with what I would need. At week 36, I packed everything away and now have it all on stand-by for the big day.

How did I know what to pack…? Well, two things. Firstly, I asked my mummy friends as to what they would advise, and secondly, I Googled! I still don’t know if I have got it right, I am sure many a seasoned mum will think I have gone overboard and I guess only time will tell, but for now, I am happy to share my list with you. I have had a lot of expectant mummies ask me for my list in a Facebook group I co-manage, so I am happy to pay it forward.


My list is quite detailed and for many, not everything will be necessary. However, at many hospitals in the UAE, including mine, items such as nappies, maternity pads, etc are chargeable and not included. Always check with your chosen hospital to be sure.

I am opting for a natural water birth, so some of my items apply to this specifically, you should cutomise your list based on your own personal wants and needs.

My holdall is an old one that has accompanied me on many a short trip and the black and white bag is my diaper bag purchased from Ju Ju be via This was my indulgence, and I love it already. It’s super spacious, practical and stylish all in one go.


For Mum

 Comfy Black PJ’s, button down T-shirt or nightie for birthing, dressing gown – All must be suitable for breast feeding and skin to skin. I chose dark colours, because let’s face it, things won’t be pretty in terms of bodily fluids.

 Comfy/light bikini top for water birth

 Slippers/Socks – In case of emergency CC, feet get very cold.

 Flip Flops

 Wash bag with personal products and hair ties/dry shampoo/nipple cream

 Basic makeup

 Extra large black undies – 5 pairs, plus some mesh ones from Mothercare, just in case.

 Maternity pads & breast pads – I got mine from Mothercare

 Loose trousers, top, and outfit for going home – From Destination Maternity and Cotton On.

 A couple of well fitted breastfeeding maternity bras – From Destination maternity

For Dad

 Change of underwear/socks



 Deodorant/shower gel

For Baby

 New born baby vests, sleep suits (x5) and hats – I also packed some 0-3 months outfits in case he is bigger than expected.

 Scratch mits

 Receiving blankets, burping cloths and swaddles

 Car seat/base – Pre-install

 Baby water wipes, cotton wool

 Nappies (x30)

 Socks (if needed)

 Coming home/photo outfit


 Paper work and documents – Birth plan (x3 copies), insurance documents, marriage certificate, ID, etc



 Breastfeeding pillow

 Birthing ball

 Massage oil

 Tupperwear for placenta (personal thing)

 Tens Machine (for use during labour and if I can’t have a water birth)

 Own Towel and Pillow (personal choice)

 Phone charger and phone

 Go-pro/camera and charger

We also created a WhatsApp group with only close friends and family added, so the hubby can update people as things happen. I wanted to avoid him and I being bombarded with multiple messages and the stress of people asking a million questions. All emergency numbers such as the labour ward, lactation consultant, photographer for the next day pics, etc have been added into both of our phones in advance.

I hope the above list is of some use if you are expecting, and I wish you all the best with your deliveries and birthing experience.

Ciao for now…..


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