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We’re Having A Baby!

Hi there lovelies,

Rio here reporting for one of my rare personal updates. At the beginning of the year, you may have read my ‘A Year In Reflection’ post, where I opened my heart up about the highs and lows 2015 had brought my husband and I, including the unfortunate loss of my first pregnancy in October.

This of course took me a little while to recover from, both emotionally and physically, but following on from that, a sequence of pretty awful things happened. This included the death of my former business partner, and then early 2016 was probably the lowest I have ever been, with someone extremely close to me being life threateningly ill in hospital. I’ve always been a positive and bubbly person, but the more life threw at me, the more I wondered where I would find the strength to muster up my usual positive thoughts and belief that we can manifest what we desire in life.

I had to fly to the UK on emergency and was there for a month to be by my relative’s side day and night. When I finally returned to Dubai, I was emotionally and physically drained. But with the love and support of hubby and with my business to focus on, I picked myself back up again and moved on with life; this included unashamedly seeking some form of therapy to help me heal from the traumas of the previous nine months.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I got a phone call telling me that out of 10 entrants Bride Club ME had WON the ‘Best Wedding Website in the UAE’ award, courtesy of the Sharjah Bridal Fair. I was gobsmacked and over the moon! Were things beginning to look up?


A day later, I found out that I was pregnant again. I was elated, but to be honest both Adam and I were slightly surprised…we had only really just started trying again, as I had travelled for a month and then had to go back to the UK again for another month unexpectedly, so the timings were always off. The one chance we had when I returned, there were barely any days left in my cycle. He-he! I guess the time was just right! The day we got the happy news, I also received a message to say my relative had been discharged from hospital and was in better health. Everything seemed to be turning round and looking up. It’s amazing how life can play with your emotions with such intensity, a month earlier I was crying so hard I could barely breathe, yet a month later I was crying tears of joy. WOW!


Anyhow, yes, I am preggers, YAY!!! I am now three months, Due in January 2017 and huge already, as you can see from the pics. I did wonder if I was having twins, but I have been told it’s all bloat (cough cough). We have had our recent scan at Health Bay Polyclinic with my wonderful obs/gyne Dr Jozsa, and all is healthy so far, inshallah, and the bean’s heart beat is nice and strong. The feeling of hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time is so surreal; I barely had time to take the sound in, but looked up at hubby and noticed he was getting soppy and emotional….so sweet! Dr Jozsa is a no nonsense type of Doctor, straight to the point and very efficient, but he also has this sensitive streak which I love, and he immediately congratulated us and referred to our baby as a ‘baby’, not a ‘fetus’.


It’s still early days of course and I guess I will never fully relax until the little bambina or bambino is here, but for now, I feel so blessed and grateful, and I’m choosing to enjoy this pregnancy and relax as much as I can. I’m already love my little bean!


I suffered from ‘all day nausea’ for a good few weeks, but my ‘sea sickness’ bracelets have helped with that and I have been craving fruit, mainly strawberries  At least it’s not pizza, because I already know I am going to be mahooosive and pizza won’t help!


We should be finding out the sex soon, so stay tuned for that update. I shall be penning my ‘Baby Diaries’ over on the blog section of the site, so if you are a couple planning for a baby soon after marriage, the posts may help you.


A big thanks to Shyrell at Enchanté studios for papping this impromptu shoot, to Andrea at Be Bar Blow Dry Bar for the beachy waves and to Saba Hair and Make-up for the pretty make-up. Not forgetting, a big thanks to Melissa at The Party for the gorgeous caligraphy signs featured in the photos. You may wonder why the hubby is not in the pics – the truth is, he couldn’t get out of work and he’s a little camera shy – I am hoping to have another bump shoot when I am a lot further down the big bump line…so let’s see!

Thank you for sharing in our joy. Until next time.


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