10 Most Expensive and Beautiful ‘Celebrity’ Engagement Rings

10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Money can’t turn you into royalty, but it can buy you to the top of the ‘Finances online‘ most expensive engagement rings list, which was what Richard Burton must have been thinking when he gave his ring to Elizabeth Taylor. How much is it worth? Let’s just say it’s worth as much as about fifty 2013 Bentleys. The mind boggles, and us mere mortals here at Bride Club ME can only imagine what wearing one of these feels like.

Below are some jaw dropping facts about the worlds 10 most expensive engagement rings.


Courtesy of: http://www.financesonline.com | Visit thier Youtube page.

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  1. myshaadiwale says:

    Very nice information. thanks for sharing

  2. Being a wedding planner, I would have executed an entire wedding with just one pair of those wedding rings 🙂

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