Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband-To-Be From Eloquent District, Dubai

Christmas gift ideas for your husband-to-be from Eloquent District

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, so if you’re searching for some last minute stocking fillers for your fiancé, let us give you some inspiration. Our vendors over at Eloquent District have sent us their top Christmas gift ideas for the man in your life, and we have handily categorised them for you below. Whether you’re searching for cufflinks, bow ties, socks, pocket squares or grooming kits, you’ll find a selection to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to make your fiancé smile on Christmas morning.

Bow Ties

Bow ties have had something of a revival of late, and we have to admit, we were really impressed by the array on offer at Eloquent District.


Belfort, Lacquer Embassy

Featuring red and white stripes and a suede and velvet trim, this quirky look comes ready-tied.

Price: 120 AED. Click here for more information.


White Cottage, Lacquer Embassy

Perfect for formal occasions, this black and white satin bow tie would be ideal for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Price: 110 AED. Click here for more information.

Pocket Squares

There’s something about pocket squares that makes us want to see more of them in every day menswear. Either as a block of coordinating or contrasting colour, or as an interesting detail to an otherwise ordinary suit, we certainly encourage the men in our life to embrace them.


Cubana, Lacquer Embassy

Perfect for jackets and blazers, this blue pocket square features red and white exposed yarns.

Price: 135 AED. Click here for more information.


Crossjack, Lacquer Embassy

Features a nautical geometric pattern on a cotton base.

Price: 135 AED. Click here for more information.


We know socks often get a bad rap in the Christmas gift world, often seen as something you only get for someone if you’ve got no alternative ideas, but that’s no reason to discount the thought entirely. After all, socks can play a role in groom’s fashion at weddings, so why the stigma?


Simply Sartorial Pink Friday & Simply Sartorial Curious Orange, London Sock Co

Both pairs of these eye catching socks are made from luxury cotton in a classic ribbed style.

Price: 66 AED. Click here or here for more information.

Cufflinks And Bracelets

Accessories such as cufflinks and bracelets are an ideal way to express individuality and style whilst still adhering to more formal corporate attire. Easily worn for both work and play, they are a versatile gift that your hubby-to-be will certainly appreciate.


25th anniversary car and saxophone cufflinks, Simon Carter

Featuring Swarovski Crystals in celebration of the company’s silver jubilee, these incredibly detailed cufflinks will appeal to both car lovers and jazz enthusiasts.

Price: 275 AED. Click here or here for more information.


Blue Lion, Chevalier

A relaxed bracelet hand crafted with 8mm semi-precious stones.

Price: 165 AED. Click here for more information.

Grooming Kits

Finally, Eloquent District have recommended these stylish grooming kits for when your fiancé is travelling, or as a feature in your bathroom that also has a practical use.


Travel Kit, Mühle

Enclosed in a compact leather bag for when your fiancé travels, be it for business or pleasure.

Price: 685 AED. Click here for more information.


Traditional Kit, Mühle

Available in a range of colours, although we love the rose gold.

Price: 675 AED. Click here for more information.

If you would like further inspiration when it comes to gift ideas for the man in your life, be sure to check out Eloquent District’s BCME vendor profile here, or alternatively, visit their website

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