Destination weddings | How To Be Prepared! Expert Advice From Make-Up Artist Hannah Lisa

Destination weddings | How To Be Prepared! 

Whilst Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a whole host of beautiful wedding venues, some couples opt to get married abroad. Fortunately, the UAE is ideally situated in close proximity to a wide range of destination wedding locations, from the tropical beaches of Sri Lanka to the stunning scenery of Cyprus, meaning that for those who wish, their perfect wedding venue is only a short(ish) plane journey away.  However, although destination weddings can be an ideal way to combine your marriage and your honeymoon, or simply just be a chance to get away from it all, they are not entirely stress-free. It can often be difficult to co-ordinate your wedding from afar, especially for those brides-to-be seeking to look their very best on their big day.

For this week’s expert advice, BCME panel member and make-up artist Hannah Lisa helps those brides who are planning a destination wedding with some top tips on being picture perfect when you’re far from ‘home’.


It sounds so glamorous doesn’t it? The thought of getting married in some tropical climate, with the sand under your feet and the sea breeze in your hair – although, not too much breeze for fear of messing up your perfect up-do – obviously… Back to reality, though, where said perfect up-do is just one segment of your meticulous planning. 

Sure, island life brings with it the benefits of fresh coconuts and year-long sunshine, but little islands can sometimes lack in the beauty department. In actual fact, it doesn’t matter where you decide to get married, if you’re planning on being away from home, you need to be prepared. Fact! 

Do your research. What kind of facilities does your resort have? Do they have a hair and make-up team on board? If so, what kind of reputation/portfolio do they have? Have previous brides been happy with their work? Even if you do decide to go with this option, I’d strongly suggest bringing the following essentials with you at a minimum. Just in case!

♡ Hair tools straighteners, tongs, hair drier, hair pins, hair spray.

♡ Make up especially your key items that you feel comfortable with: your shade of foundation, your own mascara, your own lipstick.

♡ Skin care don’t risk a flare up because someone has used out of date skin care on you!

Hannah Lisa Wedding Make-Up A

Outside of the resort, you can also search for the location’s best bridal make-up artists and hair stylists. When searching for a makeup artist or stylist online, try to search by accreditations rather than something as simple as Instagram followers. What have they actually done work wise? Do they publish unedited work so that you can see their true talent? Have they been published in magazines or worked in TV/film?

Try to arrange a trial before the day so that you’re 100% happy to go ahead, and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns or ask them to change things! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

In both situations, go prepared with pictures of what sort of style you want, as well as what you’re comfortable with, especially for your make-up. How do you usually wear it? I always ask this question, because if you’re asking me for a heavy smoky eye on your wedding day, but you’re used to wearing minimal eye make up with a red lip, chances are you’re not going to be happy with it! Similarly with hair, be realistic. If your hair is short and you want an intricate up-do with curls and volume etc, you’ll likely need some clip in extensions to help. Not all locations have easy/affordable access to such things, so make sure you source that sort of thing before you leave.

Hannah Lisa Wedding Make-Up B

Of course, if your budget allows you, I’d always suggest taking your favourite hair stylist and/or make-up artist with you, especially if your wedding really is going to be in a remote location. They’ll know you, know your style and you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that they have all the latest and best tools and products for the job – which is extremely costly in itself if you decide to go it alone. It’s your wedding at the end of the day, and hair and makeup are as big a part of that as the dress and the table settings!

Whatever you decide, enjoy it. Happiness will always shine through and give you a glow that even the best makeup in the world can’t give you!

Until next time…

xX Hannah Xx 

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