Interview | Get to Know the Wedding Pro: Esposa, Dubai

Get to Know the Wedding Pro: Esposa, Dubai

Each week, we shine the spotlight on Bride Club ME vendor club members, allowing you, our reader, to get up close and personal with some of the best wedding vendors in town. Here, you can learn more about the people behind some of the businesses you may be using to make your wedding day perfect!

This week we have the privilege of showcasing Kristie Ramanos, Operations Director at Esposa. Below, Kristie provides us with an exclusive insight into this beautiful boutique, tells us all about why she works in this industry, and shares with us what she loves the most about her job.

Above: Kristie Ramanos, Operations Director at Esposa

How long has Esposa been established, and what makes it different when it comes to wedding attire?

It all started in 1986 when my parents opened the first bridal shop in Jounieh. Little did they know that it would grow into what it is today. Our family business was born out of passion and love for the industry; a passion so contagious that Esposa became the bridal shop of choice for women looking to find the wedding dress of their dreams. And that’s how from one small shop, Esposa grew over the decades to become a chain of boutiques in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sao Paulo.


What made you decide to work in the wedding (fashion) industry?

I suppose the family business had a big role in guiding me towards what I wanted to explore in my life. I was certainly born with a love for fashion but I should be grateful to my parents for paving the way for that. Fashion was always present in my life since an early age. It was in my teenage years that I started to become interested in this world of fabrics and fairytales, curious to know more. My passion grew with me and it was only natural to make my way professionally into this world by specialising in this field and earning my masters in fashion marketing in Italy, after which I completed my degree in fashion design in London.

What do you love most about your work?

What I have loved most about bridal couture, since I was 16, was the excitement and adventure that it involved. Traveling with my mother to luxury couture markets to buy the top bridals was my favorite part of the job. Being exposed to such a broad and international fashion scene and getting up-close and personal with this fascinating world was so thrilling for me. I still get goosebumps every time an Esposa job sends me out on a fashion mission or to a fashion show! So weird, right?

Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2017 New York April 2016

Does Esposa have any excit­ing wedding projects happening soon? What are you most looking forward to about this wedding season?

This year, we exhibited our ready-to-wear collection for the first time at Sposaitalia in Milano, which is the leading exhibition for bridal and formal wear, gathering designers from all around the world. This is only the beginning as we hope to anchor Lebanon’s name even further in the international fashion scene, reflecting the infinite talent and creativity of the country through world-class high-quality bridal wear.

Tell us about some of the brands available at Esposa and the range of accessories on offer.

Esposa wants to make every woman happy. This is why we make sure our selection of designer brands has something for every bride. Whether she’s looking for a classic traditional look, a modern and trendy look, or wants to design the gown of her dreams from scratch, Esposa will help her dress up her special day with a newly discovered sense of style.  Our range of in-house, local and international dresses covers all styles, from the classic and minimalist style of Oscar de la Renta – known for its distinctly modern, yet very romantic and feminine gowns – to the edgy style of Marchesa.


Describe the experience a bride to-be will have when visiting Esposa in search of her dream gown?

Esposa listens to women to understand how to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Every bride that enters Esposa is professionally consulted from head to toe to receive the best of bridal, from the right wedding dress to the proper stilettos and the perfect attire. For us, every woman has a love story and every love story deserves an exquisite tailored creation. Inspiration, research and creativity come together through a strong teamwork where minds, sewing machines and needles work and innovate with the rarest and most precious materials to give birth to exclusive artworks that resemble perfectly the women that wear them.


How does Esposa manage trust from their clients? After all it is the most important day of their lives…

Earning the trust of our clients is nothing but the result of years of hard work and dedication. Because we understand the importance of this special day in a woman’s life, our bridal consultants make sure, through excellent teamwork and high professionalism, to make every woman’s dream come true. With every task comes a challenge that the Esposa team overcomes and exceeds again and again, reinforcing its name as a high-quality luxury bridal brand.

If you could give one piece of advice to our readers (brides to-be) what would it be?

As a newlywed, I would tell readers to follow their dreams and aspirations, no matter how bold, and against all odds. I would tell them to take the time to reflect on their tastes and desires, and to choose only a bridal brand or designer that would understand and respect their needs and work hard to realise them. I would tell them to enjoy every moment of this thrilling adventure and to always remember to choose what makes them happy.


What budgets do you cater for?

Esposa Privé offers a wide selection of local and international brands including Oscar De La Renta, Marchesa, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Yolancri, Rosa Clara, Gemy Maalouf, Isabel Sanchis, Ines di Santo and many more with prices starting from $5,000.

Esposa brands include the beautiful creations of international artists such as La Sposa, Beside By Gemy, Enzoani, Lusan Mandogus, Justin Alexander, Eddy K and many more. These brands are accessible and also available for rent.


Lastly, why did you choose to list with

We really appreciate the efforts of this initiative to make a woman’s special day easier. As the UAE’s premier online information resource for brides-to-be, this support network, forum and community is a great way to reach out to brides-to-be and inspire them to plan their wedding journey in the best way possible. We are happy to be a part of the most reputable wedding suppliers in the UAE and the world contributing to this interactive platform.

Thanks Kristie! For more information aboutEsposa, click on their Bride Club ME vendor listing, or head straight to their website. 

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