Attending a Dubai/UAE Wedding and looking for the perfect gift? Discover GreaterSkies Personalised Star Maps.

Attending a Dubai/UAE Wedding and looking for the perfect gift? Discover GreaterSkies Personalised Star Maps.

Are you looking for an extra special, personalised gift idea for an up and coming wedding in the UAE? Perhaps you’re looking to surprise your fiancé and flowers just won’t cut it? Well, Bride Club ME have discovered a unique concept that will capture your loved one’s most special moments in one extraordinary image.

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GreaterSkies, a company based in the UK and Spain, has been creating beautiful custom star maps since 2006. The concept is charmingly simple; when you receive a GreaterSkies star map, you are looking at the sky exactly as it was over a specific place, date and time that is close to your heart. Whether you’re currently planning your Dubai, UAE wedding and you’re looking for a gift to surprise your other half on your big day, or if you’ve recently been invited to attend a wedding, these star maps make for the perfect heartwarming gift.


Via the online store, you can conveniently input your special date, time and location and then choose from their three elegant designs which include Night Sky, Classic, and Bouquet along with a variety of size options. Once you’ve added your personal message or quote and checked out, GreaterSkies will then allow you to immediately download your map in order for you to have it printed however you wish at your own convenience. However, if you’d rather have GreaterSkies print and frame your map in high definition for you, they will take care of this and ship the finished product to you anywhere in the world. This is extremely helpful when buying as a gift as you can have the personalised map shipped directly to your lucky recipient.

Greater Skies Star Maps Perfect UAE Wedding Gift

Whether it’s a special occasion, such as a wedding, in the past or future, your star map will include the following elements:

 All the stars that could be seen in the sky, or will be seen in the sky, over the place and time you have chosen. The map shows 7,000 to 8,000 stars, depending on the coordinates, which is much more than can be seen by the naked eye. You may notice that the star colours vary, this is not just to look nice, the colour matches the light emitted by the star.

 The Sun, the Moon and all the Solar system planets that were or will be visible. All of them are precisely located around the ecliptic, represented by the green line.

 The constellations, if that option was turned on when the map was created. Some people prefer a clear sky, so this is your choice.

 The exact coordinates the GreaterSkies program used to generate the map: latitude and longitude, date and time.

 A personal message may appear below the sky map, typed in by the person who ordered it. As an extra personal touch try adding a special quote or a line from a favorite poem.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your star map, GreaterSkies has a wonderful blog called ‘The Starry Sky Blog’ which you can find on their website. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary or to just let someone know you love them, the blog has amazing message ideas to help you complete your map.

Greater Skies Star Maps Perfect UAE Wedding Gift

The GreaterSkies custom star maps are unmatched in terms of accuracy and level of detail. Unlike some other star charts that only show major stars, their maps show 7,000 to 8,000 stars, the constellations, and the Solar System planets. All at any time of day or night, for past or future dates, anywhere on earth. The position of the stars in the sky over any given place changes during the course of a 24-hour day and these star maps are precise down to the minute.

We personally think that the star maps are a fantastic choice for wedding guests to gift the bride and groom as it’s something that they can treasure forever and makes for a much more sentimental gesture rather than the typical glassware or vouchers. They also make very touching anniversary gifts for UAE couples wanting to celebrate the day they first met, the day they got engaged, their wedding day, the birth of their child/children or any other significant occasions that they wish to mark in a unique, artistic way. The star maps also make for wonderful engagement gifts, whether it’s your best girlfriend who’s just got engaged, or if you’re looking to surprise your fiancé, these works of art will fill your heart with love and joy.

With GreaterSkies, your most cherished memories can live on and be celebrated in the form of the brightest and most beautiful astronomical object in the sky, the stars.


We hope you enjoyed this sponsored post in collaboration with GreaterSkies. To order your star map, visit the GreaterSkies website. You can also follow them on Instagram or contact them by emailing [email protected]

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