Meet Dubai’s First & Only Proposal Planner

Meet Dubai’s First & Only Proposal Planner

Since our launch more than two years ago, we have received a number of emails from potential grooms-to-be, nervously asking our advice on where and how to propose to the ladies in their life. We always thought there was a market for a proposal planner in the UAE and, today, we are really excited to announce that, finally, there is! Meet Caroline Garvey, proposal planner and founder of Proposal Boutique, Dubai’s first and only bespoke proposal planning company.


We came across Caroline on Twitter and, over coffee a few months ago, fell in love with her go-getter attitude, enthusiasm, love for what she does and professional approach. While this feature is more relevant for the loved-up men in Dubai, we know our readers will appreciate it too, especially the ‘hint’ service Caroline offers for ladies in waiting. Want to know more? Read on.

How long has Proposal Boutique been established and what do you do?

Proposal Boutique has been operating for six months and offers several proposal packages on our website. One is an Ideas Only Package, which is ideal for men who have no idea how they are going to propose, but know they want to show their girlfriend how romantic they can be. This package is good for people who don’t know Dubai very well or who are not very imaginative.


Above: Image credit Bernard Richardson Photography. Taken at The Farm, Dubai.

It starts by sending our proposer a lengthy consultation form about them and their partner, from which we are able to get to know the couple. It contains questions covering topics from their first date to their girlfriend’s favourite sweets and most treasured childhood memory. From this, we are able to offer two personalised proposal ideas.

Our other main package is for men who know exactly how they want to propose, but need help arranging it all. This has varied from things like lining a beach with candles to having a hotel room decked out with flowers and chocolates for their arrival.


Above: Image credit Bernard Richardson Photography. Taken at The Farm, Dubai.

The most popular option is our Personalised Proposal Package, for men who need help with everything. We come up with the proposal ideas and then take care of everything, from meetings with vendors and venues, to producing a full itinerary and coordinating the entire magical set up. This package is a great way to take the pressure off the man and gives him more time to focus on the ring and what he is going to say.

What first inspired you to become a proposal planner?

My fiancé, Tom, is the inspiration behind Proposal Boutique. We are both hopeless romantics and he gave me the proposal of my dreams two years ago in New York. It was a five-day proposal that incorporated different aspects of my childhood, our first date and my dreams. He spent nearly six months planning a proposal that showed me how well he knew me. When I tell my friends, they are so jealous. Every girl should be made to feel the way I did that day. I now vow to help men make their proposals unique and one that their fiancé will love and be excited to talk about to all of her friends.

Proposal boutique2

What are your proposal planning charges?

Each proposal cost varies, depending on what the proposer wants. The Ideas Only Package is $250 and the Personalised Proposal Package starts at $500. Proposal Boutique has a fantastic relationship with a huge variety of vendors across the UAE. This means we are able to offer our clients the best rates for everything, from limousine hire to private dining rooms in some of the most exclusive restaurants in the country.

Do men ever ask you to keep your involvement in the proposal a secret?

Yes. We do whatever the proposer tells us. Some men want their new fiancé to think they set up the scene all on their own, whereas others are happy to admit they hired a proposal planner. My favourites are when they don’t keep it a secret, as I LOVE to be there, watching the proposal and giving them a hug when she says ‘yes’!


Above: Image credit: Bernard Richardson Photography. Taken at Level 43, Dubai.

We do, however, operate with the strictest confidentiality and are happy to work ‘undercover’. Even when clients are happy to tell their partners that they hired a proposal planner, we make sure that we keep a very low profile during the proposal as it is such an intimate moment between a couple. Even our photographers keep as low a profile as possible so as not to spoil the surprise! All my proposers are wonderful and are such romantics (whether they know it or not). I have had the pleasure of working with people from all over the world and I really enjoy getting to know them and hearing all about their love stories. 

What’s the most unique proposal you have helped plan in the UAE?

We planned a Parisian-themed proposal for a French lover. The day started with a picnic basket being delivered to her apartment in the morning. It was filled with macaroons and caramels, pain au chocolat, French baguettes and truffles as this reminded her of their first holiday to Paris. In the basket was a beautiful vintage Paris postcard telling her that she had a wonderful day in store.

A Porsche limousine collected her an hour later, in which there was a bouquet of lilies waiting for her – her favourite flower, of course! There was also another postcard in the limousine (she collects postcards), saying that she was going to be enjoying an afternoon of pampering and shopping at her favourite stores. The note said that all costs had been taken care of and she had to pick something glamorous to wear that evening.

Marry me - Yes

She enjoyed the morning with a personal shopper, picking out a new dress and shoes. We also contacted a spa to make sure that, after her shopping trip, she could relax while undergoing luxurious spa treatments, and we made sure a selection of her favourite magazines were there. Our team even had her favourite salad delivered to her to enjoy while having her hair done. With the salad was another postcard, saying he hoped she was enjoying her day and would see her soon.

After the spa, she was driven home, where we had prepared the apartment with photographs of their time together, along with beautiful flowers and a selection of her favourite music.

There was a final postcard, asking her to put on her new outfit as she was being escorted to Dubai Marina, where candles lit the path to a private yacht. The red carpet led up to the deck where her favourite cocktail was ready and her romantic boyfriend was waiting on one knee, with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand. After all of this, how could she say anything other than ‘yes’?

Have you ever helped a women propose to a man and/or is it something you can assist with?

We have not had any women proposing to men, but it is something we would love to be involved with. With each proposal request that we receive, we involve both male and female coordinators to ensure that all areas are covered. This is also a great way of ensuring that each proposal is not too masculine or feminine. We get to know each client in depth before working on any proposal so we can be sure the proposal is completely personal to them.


For ladies in waiting, you offer a Drop a Hint service. Tell us more.

The Drop a Hint service on our website is a great place for women to give their partners a little nudge in the right direction. You just tell us his name and email address and we will contact him, informing him of our amazing proposal services. Don’t worry, it is completely anonymous and he will never know the hint came from you.

What trends are you seeing in proposal requests?

At the minute, the big trend is having an acoustic guitarist play “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Other than that, most men contacting us want a simple dinner proposal, but with something extra special so it’s a night they’ll always remember. While these proposals are similar in that they are over dinner, we make each and every one unique. By contacting Proposal Boutique, we know straight away that the man is serious about making the proposal that extra bit special.


What do you love most about your work?

I love working with so many proposers and ensuring they give their girlfriends a proposal she’ll talk about for years. For me, a proposal is just as important as a wedding. It is the one time that you can show your partner not only just how much you love them, but also how their future could be with you. Unlike a wedding, it is the most intimate and romantic moment of a person’s life. You are only going to do it once, so do it right.

Amanda and James Beach Proposal

Lastly, for any future grooms-to-be reading this, what kind of service can they expect to receive from Proposal Boutique?

One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we offer a completely unique and personal service. From the first enquiry, you will have your own dedicated proposal expert to guide you through every step of the way. We are here to take the stress out of planning that perfect proposal. After receiving the completed questionnaire about your partner, we aim to get back to you within four working days with our proposal ideas.


Because we are the ONLY official proposal planner in the UAE, our extensive range of top-rate vendors means we have the resources to not only book the venues, but also add extra touches such as banners, flowers, live performers and so much more. Choose Proposal Boutique, and we will make sure that it is impossible for your partner to give you any other answer than ‘Yes’.

Thanks Caroline! Gents, if you have stumbled across this feature and would like to get in touch with Proposal Boutique, you can email [email protected] or visit for more information. Good luck with your proposals!

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    HI, MY name is Chanchal n I’m living in Dubai and coming july is my bf’s birthday .

    I’m planning to give a dance performance in dubai mall or in mall of the emirates with some dance group n in the end i will propose him

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