’s Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas’s Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s amazing how fast time flies once you have planned your wedding and enjoyed a perfect day. If you’re anything like us, your first, then second, anniversary will be approaching in seemingly no time at all. Wedding anniversaries can be tricky occasions for which to buy a gift for your other half, but, as you may know, there is a tradition that you can follow to make deciding what to buy a little easier.

Twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries were actually first celebrated during the Roman Empire, and as time as gone on, each year of marriage has been associated with a certain material. Although this can differ according to UK and US customs, there are similarities and overlaps between the two.

With this in mind, we contacted our vendors, and asked them for their top picks for gifts to get your loved one during the first ten years of marriage. We hope that this will help inspire you, whether you are celebrating your first or tenth anniversary. Here’s to many more happy years ahead…enjoy!

wedding anniversary gift ideasFirst Year: Cotton

Mr & Mrs Cushion By Coochy Coo

These 100 per cent cotton cushions can be personalised to include your surnames or nicknames for each other. They are definitely a great way to add a unique, personal twist to your home!

wedding anniversary gift ideas

Price: 349 AED. Click here for more information. 

Second Year: Paper

Pressed On Paper Forever, Fairytale By Muby Astruc

Have the story of your romance printed on to a long-lasting board to display in your home. You will meet with a writer who will learn all about your story and you will also provide her with an image to accompany your very own fairytale.

wedding anniversary gift ideas

Price: 1,750 AED. Click here for more information. 


Third year: Leather

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Collection, Eau De Parfum

Ensure that your other half is smelling amazing with this intense and powerful scent. Featuring notes of Tunisian orange flower, black suede and amberwood, both you and your husband are bound to be impressed by this sensual Eau De Parfum.


Price: 940 AED. Click here for more information. 


Fourth Year: Fruit

Alessi Cactus Fruit Bowl

Display your fruit in style with this stainless steel cactus fruit bowl. The gorgeous design will also keep your fruit fresher for longer, as it encourages air flow which lets your fruit breathe.


Price: 310 AED. Click here for more information. 


Fifth Year: Wood

Wooden Platter With Marble Bowl By Tribe

This platter is the perfect food server for all your events at home and can be placed in a variety of rooms. Made by hand, it is available with one, two or three marble bowls.


Price: 120 AED. Click here for more information. 


Sixth Year: Sugar

L’Objet Mullbrae Candy Dish

This candy dish is the perfect indulgence with which to celebrate your sixth anniversary, doubling up as a statement piece of décor for your home. Made with hand-gilded 24 Ka


Price: 715 AED. Click here for more information.


Seventh Year: Desk Sets

L’Objet Lapis Pencil Cup

Traditionally, woollen gifts are used to celebrate the seventh year of marriage. However, we were captivated by this beautiful pen and pencil holder. Desk sets are the ‘modern’ gift associated with the seventh anniversary, and this pencil cup was simply too beautiful for us to pass by.


Price: 480 AED. Click here for more information.


Eighth Year: Salt

Mukul Goyal Lunchtime Salt & Pepper Set, Dubai Gifts

This salt and pepper set will certainly add a unique element to your meals and gatherings! Made from chromed brass and stainless steel, they are guaranteed to be a talking point!


Price: 410 AED. Click here for more information.


Ninth Year: Copper

Bodum Chambord French Press

If you and your partner are coffee drinkers, this is certainly an anniversary present that you will both benefit from during lazy mornings together.

Bodrum French Press

Price: 225 AED. Click here for more information.


Tenth Year: Tin or Diamond

Diamond Beaded Pillow By Ethan Allen

Although the traditional material for the tenth anniversary is tin, the modern equivalent is diamond, and we know which we would prefer! This beautiful pillow will be a welcome addition to your home and can be enjoyed by both of you. Congratulations!


Price: 640 AED. Click here for more information.


Interested in setting up your very own wedding gift registry or buying gifts for your partner? Visit for more information.

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