Selling Your Wedding Gown | A Readers Perspective

Selling Your Wedding Gown 

Loyal reader and BCME real bride contributor Camilla, has recently put her beautiful wedding gown up for sale on a number of online platforms. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, she was subjected to a number of keyboard warriors and their strong opinions in regards to selling her gown. Should brides keep their wedding gowns for the sake of sentimentality? Camilla, gives her perspective below:


Everyone remembers the moment they found their wedding dress; the second they slipped into it, pulled the fabric around them, looked in the mirror and in that moment knew it was “the one”.

Standing on that mini podium in the shop, with some borrowed shoes and a veil, I knew I had found the dress that I would be wearing when I walked down the aisle.

It hadn’t even been a serious dress. It was a frothy number that gushed out of the hanging area and spilled several feet onto the carpet of the fancy bridal boutique I was visiting with my friend, another bride-to-be. It was frivolous, OTT and princessy, a giant meringue that I thought I would try on for fun. I imagined my real dress would be serious, maybe with a hint of lace, perhaps some crystal beading, but certainly not the Disney-esque creation I pulled into the changing room. But as soon as I tried it on, I felt transformed and elevated, and everything else I saw just felt boring and unimaginative. The froth would be mine!


The only issue was the price tag, which veered well over my budget, and even the emergency budget that I had allocated should the budget not suffice. However, there was no going back, and I had to find a way to have it. It was then that I stumbled across a website called Pre-owned Wedding Dresses while googling my dream dress that evening. Here was an entire site dedicated to dresses that had been used once on someone’s dream day, and rather than allowing their once-used dresses to languish miserably in the back of their closet, they were sold on to bring other brides happiness on their big day. The seller makes some money, the buyer saves some money, everybody wins.

Did I really want a used dress, I thought? Surely your wedding gown should be pristine, virginal, and something you buy only once in your life? I wanted the tissue paper, the heavy cardboard bag, the thrill as my credit card was swiped.


As I pondered these thoughts, lo and behold, there it was, MY dress, in MY size, at almost one quarter of the price of the shop. Forget the tissue paper, I was going to save myself more than 10,000aed! It could be my something old! The only problem was, it was in Florida. I frantically messaged the seller offering to purchase the dress there and then, and if we could figure out a way to get it to Dubai. At 3am UAE time, my phone pinged and she responded – we had agreed a sale! As I wired her the money, I wondered if I was sending my cash into a black hole, but exactly a week later, a giant cardboard box arrived at my workplace.


As I tentatively peeled back the lid and peered inside, I was greeted with a mound of ruffles, and I got an even bigger rush than if I had bought from the boutique. My husband-to-be was a bit baffled as I pushed this enormous box into our spare room that evening, but was equally thrilled when I informed him of the saving I had made. All that was needed were a few tiny adjustments from a tailor and my dream dress was perfect. As I slipped it on on my wedding day, I knew I had made the right decision and no one had an inkling it had been pre-worn.

A while later, as the giant meringue languished in the back of my closet (I say the back, but in reality it was so huge it burst forth and even meant the doors didn’t quite close), it occurred to me to sell it on again.

Surely I wanted to keep it for my daughters, I counselled. Or for sentimental reasons. But neither argument seemed strong enough to hold onto something that was literally desperate to escape.

My wedding photos were there for me to gaze upon when I wanted to recall my big day, and after having two children I knew I would never be able to fit into it again. Not to mention, the thought of housing this item for the next 20 years and then having my two girls snub it anyway in favour of the latest trend really swayed me in favour of selling it. I uploaded some pictures of the dress onto a Second Hand website and thought nothing more of it.


Within an hour I had several replies, within two, over 20. Thrilled, I scrolled down to read them. However, far from being enquiries, it was a steady stream of messages berating me for selling my dress. It’s bad luck, exclaimed one respondent. Another implied it was unhygienic to buy a used dress. A concerned gentleman enquired what had happened, assuming I had divorced and needed the money badly. It would appear selling one’s wedding dress has strong associations for many people and it would never occur to them to part with such a garment. Some were quite horrified and made their feelings well known. Is it really such a big deal, I thought.

 It would appear selling one’s wedding dress has strong associations for many people and it would never occur to them to part with such a garment. Some were quite horrified and made their feelings well known


In many cultures the wedding dress is hugely symbolic and auspicious. For me, however, it was merely a dress. I loved my wedding day, I love the memories, the pictures, the fact we can visit our venue on our anniversary, our two beautiful daughters. I don’t need some fabric to remember all the wonderful things about that day. So, in the current trend of upcycling, I am passing it on to a future bride who may have her eyes on a stunning dress that’s simply out of her budget. I want to pass on the good luck, the thrill I got when I first put it on, the moment she first sees herself when she’s about to join her groom. And if I can make a bob or two, so much the better.


Looking for more wedding tips and advice? Click here. Did you sell your wedding gown or buy one second hand? We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment in the box below.

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  1. Nora Lamoudi says:

    Interesting topic and what a magical dress! I agree that it’s a shame that most wedding dresses end up in a closet for years without seeing the light of day. Something I did recently which made me happy and maybe an idea for some, was lend my wedding dress to my sister’s friend. She loved it and looked stunning in it. I’m glad it made someone else happy 🙂 I still couldn’t part with it on a permanent basis though, so this is a happy medium! x

    • Fairy Bride Mother says:

      Hi Nora. Thanks for your comment and feedback. Please also reply on the facebook post to generate more discussion. We love that you lent your gown to your sisters best friend. We bet she was over the moon and looked gorgeous xx

  2. LILY says:

    saw the discussion on the facebook page where the whole topic emerged…the lady who commented about how and why she should not sell the dress was so out of line

  3. Katty says:

    I totally agree on the whole post. Im also at the Facebook page where all the conversation happened and i saw it, some people have their thoughts about something and they really get aggravated if u don’t think like them. I guess is just something cultural, but they need to respect other people decisions .
    By the way: LOVELY DRESS 🙂

  4. Helen Harper says:

    Such a refreshing outlook, and one that I’m glad that others share. I tried my dream dress on and my heart sank when I saw the price tag. So my mum and I made it out mission to buy it second hand. It took some searching to find one that was the right six and length, but we were elated when we eventually found it online at Miss Lemon Brides, which specializes in reselling second hand gowns from certain designers. As lovely as a brand-spanking new dress made to measure would be, I love that my dress made another bride as happy as it made me, and I felt like I was continuing its legacy.

    If you are considering buying second hand, do it. You will save money, and still feel a million dollars. Most of the time, sellers have had the dress professionally cleaned. Does is REALLY matter if it is not brand new? What happened the trend of living vintage and up cycling? Or, should we just resign ourselves to being a society of consumers?

    Second hand wedding dresses. All for it.

  5. amanda says:

    I totally agree why not give another bride the dress that you hardly used.Ive been trying to sell mine are there any platforms i can use Please advice:)

    • Dear Amanda. Thankyou for using Bride Club ME 🙂

      The UAE is a small market so there aren’t any dedicated platforms that we are aware of – we’d recommend trying dubizzle or posting pictures of it up on your local supermarket’s board.
      You may find that the original boutique you bought it from will help you sell it, we’d highly recommend speaking with them.

      Team BCME

  6. Kate says:


    I wish to sell my wedding gown, does anyone here can help me where i can place an ad aside from Dubizzle?

    Thank you.


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Kate, did you find any other platforms other than Dubizzle to sell your wedding dress as I am looking to do the same.

  7. Kate says:


    I wish to sell my wedding gown. Its Kate Middleton inspired lacer cut gown. Anyone from here can help me where I could place an ad aside from Dubizzle?

    Thanks alot.


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