Wedding DIY – DIY Floral Frame

 DIY Floral Frame

Frames can be incorporated into weddings in many creative ways. They can be used to display table numbers, pictures of the bride and groom, monograms or escort cards. These pretty DIY frames are perfect for a colourful garden or outdoor wedding setting.



What you will need:

  • Frame,
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fake flowers. (I bought mine from Homes R Us)



Above: You will need – Frame, glue gun, scissors, fake flowers


1)    Start by removing the flowers and the leaves from your fake stems. Make sure you retain the leaves, as you will be using them.



Above: Remove flowers and leaves


2)    Lay the leaves around the frame and when you are happy with the arrangement glue them on to the frame.



Above: Place leafs around the frame according to your preference


3)    Do the same with the flowers and when you’re happy with the arrangement, glue them down on to the frame.


The Result


Above: Pretty flower frame. These can be used for table numbers, pictures of the bride and groom, etc.


That’s it! Super easy and perfect for the occasion.

Happy DIYing and for more great DIY ideas hit up and keep an eye out for more contributions on Bride Club ME.

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