Wedding DIY | Festive Candle Jar Holders By Nifty Little Things

WEDDING DIY – Festive Candle Jar Holders

As our readers know, we work closely with some fabulous UAE-based experts in the fields of wedding photography, marital advice, wedding planning and DIY. Our expert panel has recently had an update and we are delighted to welcome two very talented ladies to our BCME panel: Lizzy Lizmar and Alice, founders of Nifty Little Things, a boutique company specialising in retro-inspired crafting and DIY workshops.


We look forward to bringing you lots of fabulous wedding DIY tips from the talented duo, as well as an event or two in the near future. But for now, we kick start their contributions with this festive wedding DIY project:

Hi all!

We’re so excited to be able to provide you with some amazing DIY and crafty ideas for every wedding occasion! Alice and I pride ourselves on being two creative queens who can see a pile of rubble and see its incredible potential.

Coming up is a crafter’s most-loved holiday: Christmas! This really is our holiday to shine as we’re made giddy by the colours, textures and smiles. And with the holiday comes decorations, glitter and the things we love to decorate with the most … ribbons.

Here in the UAE, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, not only because of the holidays but because the weather permits us to go out and play. Everyone is cheerful, and that can only mean one thing: love is in the air, and a lot of couples decide to tie the knot at this time of year.

Which is why Nifty Little Things has devised a neat little DIY project for brides with upcoming holiday-time nuptials.

Often, between budgeting for dresses, flowers and the perfect wedding location, little things like table decorations get left out. But never fear, we’ve come up with an easy, cheap way to make your own festive-themed candle jar holders that are sure to add a romantic and festive touch to your special day.

What you will need

  • Any type of jar (jam, sauce or even oil jars work great)
  • Glitter to match your colour theme
  • Stickers (either numbers or shapes)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue (Modge Podge seems to work best)
  • A foam brush

Above: The DIY essentials

Step 1 & 2)

Apply your chosen stickers to the jar. Next, use a foam brush to apply an even coat of glue. Go from side to side as it dries quickly.


Step 3)

Start applying the glitter as evenly as possible. Do this over newspaper or a mat so you can catch the extra glitter to reuse or save.


Step 4)

Let it dry, and remove the stickers. Add a nice bow and tea-light candle, and watch the gorgeous lights shine through your shapes. 


Happy crafting! For more creative ‘Do It Yourself’  ideas, keep an eye out for regular Nifty Little Things contributions on the DIY wedding section of Bride Club ME. To check out Nifty Little Things very own DIY & Craft workshops; visit

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