Wedding DIY: Flower Crowns by BCME Expert Meredith Huston

Wedding DIY: Flower Crowns

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Expert Panelist, DIY Queen, Meredith Huston! Meredith is the Founder and Principal of Turquoise Boutique Studio, a creative arts company with a mission to make it easy for people of all ages to be creative in their everyday life and during special occasions. Through DIY event activities, workshops, team building sessions, DIY kits and online tutorials, Meredith and her team are on a mission to help the UAE add that extra personal touch to any meaningful event. For her debut feature, Meredith shows Bride Clubbers how to create your dream flower crown! So if you’re a Boho Bride, or if you’re planning a beautiful Garden wedding, get ready for a step-by-step guide on how to create ethereal, real and faux, flower head pieces. Enjoy!


Hello Brides!  I’m really happy to be spilling some DIY secrets to help make this special time in your life a bit more meaningful, add in some fun “flow,” and maybe even save a few dirhams!  There’s been a lot of research on how crafting and creating with our own two hands is linked to our happiness.   We get into the state of “flow” when doing DIY projects that are much like meditating. Psychologists have found that we, as humans, are at our happiest when in this flow state.

Turquoise Boutique Studio Flower Crown Station

Flower crowns are such a beautiful way to set you and your bridal party apart and celebrate your marriage.  They’re also a simple DIY to give yourself some relaxing creative time during this hectic part of your life!  Not to mention, the crowns become more meaningful when you’ve created them yourself.


Flower crowns have long been symbols of love, fertility, and happiness, playing important roles at celebrations since ancient Greek times.  They’ve gained popularity again with the rise of boho chic weddings and are so lovely that I think they will be part of weddings for years to come!

If you don’t want to wear a crown yourself on your special day, there are alternative ways to incorporate them into your celebrations, like outfitting the bridal party and flower girls or having a flower crown station at your bridal shower or hen/bachelorette party.  This fun creative activity also makes for super Instagram-worthy memories!

So let’s get down to learning how to make your own flower crown! …

Step One – Decide what florals you wish to use

First, you have to decide if you want to go with fresh or faux greenery and flowers.  Seasonality may affect the availability of some fresh flowers, and of course, it will have a limited amount of time that it will look fresh.  On the other hand, faux greenery and flowers have come a long way and look quite real.  One thing I like to do is use a faux greenery to increase the crown’s happy life and add in fresh flowers to keep the magical floral element.  Also consider having your crown compliment your wedding day bouquet with some key flowers or color scheme, rather than match it completely.

Turquoise Boutique Studio Flower Crown Kit - open box

Step Two – Ensure the size is perfect

Your face shape will also guide the placement and fullness of your crown too.  If you have a rounder, fuller face, opt for a more dainty crown.  Place a half-crown on top of a side-swept hairstyle to draw attention to your cheekbones for long faces.  A half flower crown at the back of your head is an unexpected showstopper for any type of face.  Making your own crown allows you to re-work several different versions with the same materials in a much-recommended practice session a few weeks before the big event.

Here is a list of materials you will need for this project:

♡ faux or fresh greenery

♡ faux or fresh flowers

♡ floral scissors

♡ floral tape

♡ floral wire

♡ wire cutter

If you’re willing to make the trip and have the full experience, Dragon Mart has a huge variety of faux flowers, as well as inexpensive floral wire and tape, as long as you’re willing to spend some time on the hunt.  Fresh flowers can be found at flower shops like the House of Flowers inside Dubai Garden Centre or at some of the other Bride Club ME vendors.

Step Three – Watch this tutorial for directions on creating your flower crown

With no further ado, we’ve made a DIY flower crown video tutorial to guide you through the process…Enjoy!

If you want to cut down on the prep time, Turquoise Boutique Studio also offers a DIY Flower Crown Kit that’s completely customizable for your special occasion.  On our YouTube Channel we have more content about flower crowns, including a video that goes over the fresh flowers available in Dubai that I’ve found work the best for crowns and other pro tips.  I’ll leave you with one last one here: if you need to keep the fresh flower crowns for several hours, mist/spritz with water and store in the refrigerator!


Happy creating and I’ll pop by again next month with a fun guide on how to incorporate macramé into your wedding!

Xx Meredith xX

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