Wedding DIY: Using Macramé At Your Wedding

Wedding DIY: Using Macramé At Your Wedding

Now that the festive season is over, and life has (hopefully) calmed down a little, it’s a great time for you, our gorgeous bride-to-be, to get creative! Our very own BCME expert panelist and queen of all things DIY, Meredith Huston of Turquoise Boutique Studio, is back with a post that will appeal to a lot of our readers.

We absolutely adore macramé, so we were thrilled when Meredith told us all about the history of this gorgeous DIY technique, and filmed a video tutorial showing us how we can create our own beautiful chair hanging. We were also amazed to find out that macramé has strong links to the Middle East, making it a perfect décor element for a wedding in the region! Read on to find out more…


Hi again Brides! I’m popping in again to encourage you to add some of your own creativity into your wedding celebrations! Making things with our own two hands is scientifically linked to greater feelings of happiness, so completing some DIY projects is a lovely way to relax and express yourself in your wedding prep and celebrations.

Today we are looking at macramé. Macramé is the art of tying knots to create beautiful custom décor. A lot of people remember the resurgence of macramé in the 1970s, and my Mom definitely had a few pieces around the house growing up. However, the history of macramé is much deeper than that, beginning in our current corner of the world with Babylonian and Assyrian carvings showing the plaits and braids in costumes. Thirteenth century Arabic weavers also knotted excess thread and yarn into decorative fringes along the edges of fabric, and the ‘macramé’ term is derived from the Arabic word ‘miqramah’ for ‘embroidered veil’ or ‘ornamental fringe’. While we typically associate macramé with boho chic events in contemporary times, the art of knotting has rich cultural roots in the Middle Eastern region too.

As a boho chic kinda lady myself, I am totally into macramé! Not only does it add a dreamy and magical feel into your event décor, the act of knotting cords is a fast-track entry into a mindful and calm state in the time leading up to your big day. Using just three simple knots, you can make a professional looking piece too, I promise!

Turquoise Boutique Studio Macrame Wall Hanging - Fairytale

There are many creative ways to incorporate macramé into your wedding. A macramé ceremony backdrop is the first project that pops into my head initially. A quick tour around Pinterest shows beautifully styled tablescapes featuring a macramé table runners and macramé lantern centerpieces, which add to a rustic boho vibe. Other unique ways to utilise macramé in your wedding include as a dessert table backdrop, Bride and Groom chair backing/hangings or suspended food shelves if your event is outdoors. Macramé key chains are a super cute idea for table place cards that double as wedding giveaways. I’ve also seen beautiful bride shots on a macramé swing, which is also a great Insta-spot for guests!

Turquoise Boutique Studio Macrame Earrings 2

So let’s get down to learning how to make your own macramé item! A Macramé chair hanging project is a good middle ground to begin your macramé journey. It’s not as large as a full wall hanging or a backdrop, but you still get to tie a lot of knots to practice patience for your upcoming marriage. Plus, you will be able to hang the pair of them in your home as special decor to remember your big day. Macramé wins all around!

Turquoise Boutique Studio Macrame Chair Backing 3

Here is the super short list of materials you will need for this project:

♡ Macramé cord

♡ Scissors

♡ Wooden dowel or other item to hang your rope from on the back of your chair

As far as sourcing materials, I’ve found one bleached cotton rope in Deira that works well. However, for the more natural cords, you will have to order internationally from Amazon or Etsy. In a little bada** secret move, I buy 2 AED broom handles in Deira for the wooden dowels, hacksaw them to the right size and power sand the edges. Buying round wooden sticks from Ace is perfectly respectable. As a last resort, Creative Minds sells wooden dowels at their always-bargain price levels of an arm and leg.

With no further ado, we’ve made a DIY Macramé chair hanging video tutorial to guide you in the process!

If you are into the idea of macramé for your wedding but don’t have the time to log DIY projects, Turquoise Boutique Studio also offers bespoke macramé pieces. On our website, you can see more information in our Wedding section or visit our YouTube channel for more information and resources on macramé, including more basic knot videos, custom projects and other pro tips.

If you’ve incorporated macramé into your wedding, I’d love to hear about it too! Let us know in the comments below!

Happy making, and I’ll be back again soon to encourage you to DIY through your wedding process!

Xx Meredith xX

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