Top 10 Tips for Getting Married in Dubai | By Clare Ebbs

Wedding planning tips from Clare Ebbs.

It’s smart to hire a wedding planner. On a day when so much potentially can go wrong, it’s a relief to have someone whose sole responsibility is to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here, our very own Expert Panel member, wedding planner and founder of The Perfect Moment Dubai,  Clare Ebbs, offers her top 10 […]

Your Eco-friendly Wedding Guide – Top Tips

Eco-friendly weddings are for those who believe in working together with and protecting the environment. If you care about the planet, why not integrate your principles into your big day? An eco-friendly wedding is not as easy to pull off as any other kind; it requires knowledge of the right sort of wedding supplies, and […]

Hen Party Ideas | 5 Blow The Budget Suggestions


Hen Party Ideas Let’s talk about the all so famous Hen party, otherwise known as the bachelorette party. These words can strike fear into the minds of the most calm of brides-to-be, but can also be great fun and a wonderful time to bond with your closest female friends (or male if you so choose). […]

4 Tips to Help Write Personal Wedding Vows

BCME Wedding vows feature

4 Tips to Help Write Personal Wedding Vows Writing your own vows can be intimidating. Wedding days always add pressure to even the most mundane of tasks, and certainly writing the vows you want to say to your significant other in front of all your friends and family, is no small matter!  Still, don’t let […]

What are the Legalities of Getting Married in the UAE?

BCME Legalities feature

Legalities of Getting Married in the UAE Fidgeting over your wedding plan? Don’t know where to go for advice? Whom to trust? With the increase in the global community in UAE, and the ever-changing rules, it sometimes becomes impossible to keep track of the changing rules related to weddings.   So for expat brides-to-be, the […]

Wedding Speech Tips

Bride Club Me - Cathie Heart - Wedding Speeches

If you’re not used to public speaking, then making a wedding speech can be very daunting. With this in mind, we have prepared a few important tips to help you overcome your nerves and deliver a great wedding speech.