Diary of a Real Bride, Anna Lucas: The Summer Lull

Diary of a Real Bride, Anna Lucas: The Summer Lull

This month, our real bride Anna is experiencing something that we can all relate to, both in terms of wedding planning and general day to day life in the UAE. There comes a point when you simply need to take a break, relax and sit back for a month or so, ready to start again with a bit more energy. The summer is the perfect time to do this. After all, the heat can zap your already depleted motivation, and good intentions can fall by the wayside. Luckily for Anna, she still has enough time to get the ball rolling again in terms of her wedding planning. We caught up with her to find out how summer has well and truly got in the way of her plans, but hear how she’s now raring to go again…


For anyone who lives in Dubai (and I being one of them) for many years, you’ll know all too well of the summer lull. Back in Europe, in particular the UK where I’m from, people dream away the year longing for the summer months – albeit we don’t actually get much sunshine back in rainy Wales BUT there is always some at least, plus Brits always invest in a good old summer holiday, jetting away somewhere hot to relax, and, in me and my girls’ case, get a tan.


So, fearing the summer months and longing them ‘to do one’ and bring on October is a funny thing to a Brit like me and the other few hundred thousands residing here.

Why the long-winded summer-hating rant? Because, as well as it being too hot to do anything here, 99 per cent of the population skedaddle off to their homeland or destination vacation, leaving Dubai pretty much dead to the world. This certainly explains my two-month lull in any sort of wedding planning antics, and I would suggest that Dubai brides definitely schedule this as ‘no-planning months’!

I went to spend a couple weeks in the south of France with my fiancé and family. That gave me a solid two weeks of awesomeness with my Mum. Since she’s missing out on most of the on-the-ground planning, we got to waffle in great detail whilst browsing the World Wide Web for the perfect table setting, and of course the ‘one’ for her – the Mother of the Bride dress!



Now I’m back on (very) dry soil, and with it being the end of August, more and more companies are landing back and getting into the swing of business again. So, my plan for the coming month is: sort flowers, sort music, sort bridal and groom party attire…basically everything that’s been put on hold for the past couple months.


Also, another point to note: the meal plan malarkey came and left rather swiftly. Planning this far ahead to eat like a rabbit is way too keen, eager, and, quite frankly, unrealistic. Note to all other brides – it’s a marathon, not a Sprint – leave the sprint dieting to the month before the big day 🙂

xX Anna Xx

Don’t forget to log on next month to see Anna’s latest bridal diary post!

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