Expert Advice From Kelly Lundberg: Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

After her recent advice for Bridesmaids, Grooms and Mothers of the Bride, our expert panel member and founder of StyleMeDivine, Kelly Lundberg, is back with some advice for brides-to-be. This month, Kelly focuses on bridal lingerie, and discusses how you can feel your best whilst still picking practical items that work with your dress on your special day. Enjoy!


After choosing your dress, the next most important pick is your underwear.  The key thing to remember is that what goes under the dress is as important as the wedding gown itself. Wearing the perfect wedding underwear won’t just make you feel amazing; it will also affect the way your dress looks too.

So what constitutes the perfect wedding underwear? That’s largely down to the style of your dress and your body shape.  However, one thing you can be sure about is that there is way more to bridal lingerie than something blue and a frilly garter.


Above: Marie Jo-Jane

 What Comes First…

Until a decision has been made on the dress, the choice of wedding lingerie cannot begin.  Ultimately, your dress will dictate what you will require.  Whilst some dresses may be designed to incorporate boning, you will always need to give consideration to what lies beneath.  

Good quality and structured lingerie – whether that is a bra set, corset, basque or shape wear – often requires a dress fitter to think creatively and explore ways in which to keep lingerie hidden; that is, to avoid any indiscrete flashing at important times in the wedding ceremony.

 Flatter and Fit

Lingerie is no different to a wedding dress when it comes to fitting.  All dress designers work to different measurement guides; when it comes to lingerie the same principal applies, so always try on different styles. 

There is of course that delicate question of whether to wear a bra or not. Many ladies may well prefer not to, however ladies with a bigger bust should look for lingerie to support and not just rely on the dress.  

 Sleek Lines

The perfect silhouette can be achieved in many ways. For brides wearing a slinky satin gown, shape wear may very well be the best option.  The advantage of shape wear (an all in one body suit) means that a VPL can be avoided and you are left feeling secure and supported all day long.  Sure, it’s practical rather than sexy but there are other ways to achieve that look.

If you dress is less structured, your choice of wedding lingerie can be more expansive with detailing. If the dress style suits, you can finish off with a pair of stockings.  Where a seamless and invisible look is required then the leg is best left bare.


To wear white or not? Brides should aim to match the colour of their dress with their wedding lingerie.  With a shift in the colour range of bridal gowns, wearing white lingerie can have its drawbacks.  Depending on the dress material, bright whites can be quite visible to the eye. Creams are much more suitable and nudes, whilst very practical, are undeniably less glamorous.

At the end of the day, it’s important to discuss what are the best lingerie options to suit your dress with your designer or bridal boutique at the trying-on stage.  Lingerie has got to work with the dress and body shape.   Don’t get too hung up on the under garments being too plain on your wedding day; it’s a long day and ultimately lingerie needs to be comfortable and supportive to give the best possible silhouette.  You can always slip into something sexier later post wedding celebrations, or pack something extra special for the honeymoon.

Xx Kelly xX

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