Inside Dubai Expats, Rick & Roberta’s Viral Wedding Dance Video!

Inside Rick & Roberta’s Viral Wedding Dance Video!

When Dubai couple Rick and Roberta married in May 2018, their wedding reception became a viral sensation for all the right reasons, when Rick surprised Roberta with a very special dance. Rick and his groomsmen performed a choreographed routine to a medley of songs, and the video of this has now received more than twenty-five thousand views on Facebook!

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We were so blown away by the performance (and Roberta’s reaction), that we got in touch with the couple to find out more. Enjoy!

♡ Rick, what made you decide to surprise Roberta in this way, and how did you choose the songs and choreograph everything?

I love surprises and I’d seen a few clips of Grooms’ dances on YouTube. This gave me the initial idea and I saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it, so why not?!

I tried to choose fun songs that everyone knew and some songs that meant something to Roberta and I. I knew I wanted each section to be different to keep it entertaining. Being from an Indian background, I definitely wanted an Indian song, as well as some old school songs, and a fun ending, so I thought the Dirty Dancing lift would be perfect.

♡ How much time did you and the guys have to rehearse the dance? How did you manage to do this in secret?

It was a last-minute decision to do the dance, so I managed to squeeze in an hour’s rehearsal with two of the boys, just two days before the wedding. This was at one of my mate’s houses, so I just needed to make up an excuse to ‘pop out’ so that Roberta wouldn’t get suspicious. We sent the rest of the boys a video to learn the routine, the plan being that we would rehearse it properly on the morning of the wedding….We didn’t end up having enough time that morning to rehearse it with music, and were only able to walk through it very quickly as a group! So, the very first time we actually danced it together with music was the actual performance that evening!

♡ Roberta, did you have any idea about what was going to happen? And what was going through your head when Rick and the boys were performing?

I had absolutely no idea that Rick had this planned; it was such a wonderful surprise! I loved every minute of it until the Dirty Dancing song came on; you can see the panic on my face as I thought he was going to make me do the famous ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift!

♡ Rick, was the reaction of your guests and Roberta everything that you hoped for?

It was far beyond what I excepted! We loved every minute of it and it was so lovely to see how much everyone enjoyed it. I got a chance to bust a move with my little brother which is a memory I will cherish. Also, all my friends are ex-dancers, so it was our final dance together before we all get too old!

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