Real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin: It’s 2018 – The Year Of My Wedding!

2018: The Year Of My Wedding!

Welcome to 2018! Many of you, our readers, will have come to the realisation that this is the year that you’ll be walking down the aisle. This is certainly something that passed through our real bride diary contributor Amy’s mind as the clock struck midnight. Find out below what Amy has been up to for the last few months, and get a glimpse of her beautiful engagement pictures taken by our vendor Lizelle Goussard. Enjoy!

Diary of Real Bride-AmyC

January 7th 2018, 2 months and 23 days until the wedding (eeek, do I start panicking now?!). This month is set to be an incredibly busy month on the wedding front. We’ve got meetings with florists, food tasting with the chef at Jumeirah, I’ve got my hair and makeup trial and about a hundred things to tick off on the ever-increasing to do list!

2018 the year of my wedding

In December, Nik and I were lucky to meet with Lizelle Goussard, our photographer (find her on the BCME vendor list). As soon as I saw her portfolio on her website I instantly knew she was the photographer for us. She’s very familiar with our wedding venue and is as passionate about it as we are. I just love the way she captures people so naturally in the most perfect light! We had a fun afternoon in the desert running up and down the sand dunes trying to get the perfect engagement photos…that was until the sandstorm hit. We weren’t expecting a full body exfoliation on top of the photos! Liz made us feel at ease as we were both pretty nervous having our photographs taken. We both now feel so much confident about the photos on the big day itself!

2018 the year of my wedding

We have also managed to confirm the videographer for the wedding. Initially, I was slightly apprehensive about having a ‘wedding video’ which I thought would be doomed to gather dust in the TV cabinet! However, after meeting with Melrish at their studio, where we were shown a variety of different styles of wedding video and the many options that were available to us; I have to say I’m really excited about the video now. I love how they capture the story of the day in a very artistic but natural way. Also, do you know that you can even have an Instagram trailer now included in the wedding package?! Amazing!

I flew back to the UK for the Christmas holidays and I had my first wedding dress fitting. Thankfully it was before what felt like one long festive marathon eating session. I finally had that ‘I’m going to be a bride’ moment when I tried my dress, shoes and veil on together. The excitement is truly building now. The thing is, I’ve got three months in which I cannot change size…not even half an inch…no magnolia bakery cupcakes or staff room treats for me. Help!

Next month I will fill you in on how all the wedding meetings go. I have to say I’m very excited about the prospect of tasting six different cake flavours. Mmmm, what was I saying about fitting into my wedding dress?!

2018 the year of my wedding

xX Amy Xx

Don’t forget to log on next month to see Amy’s latest bridal diary post!

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