Real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin: Besties For Bridesmaids

Besties for bridesmaids

Our real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin has ticked off one of the major items on her to-do list this month! Having spent last month trying to decide where to get married, this task was much more enjoyable.

Read on to discover how Amy asked her best friends to be her bridesmaids on her big day…

Real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin: Besties For Bridesmaids

So, with the venue and date set for the wedding, my ‘bridesmaid proposal’ planning began! I always knew who I would want my bridesmaids to be; these girls have lived through the many frogs I had met and all the man drama until I was fortunate enough to meet my Prince. We’ve also shared many travels around the world, survived many a Dubai boat, beach, and pool party together, been through several ups and downs but have remained the closest friends, despite being thousands of miles apart.

I have five bridesmaids, including my best friends from the UK, my sister and my Dubai besties (who now live in London *sad face*). Five had originally seemed like a lot, but it was impossible to narrow it down. After all, I have grown up with these girls, whether as a teenager in the UK or a twenty-something in Dubai, these girls are like my sisters.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my girls. I wanted to give them a personalised ‘bridesmaid bag’ consisting of little gifts and a personalised poem asking them to be my bridesmaids. I set about finding vendors from Etsy who could provide me with exactly what I wanted. It took a lot of searching through thousands of items until I found the perfect card and bag which I had personalised to fit with the colour scheme of the wedding.  I also went to Sephora and Marks and Spencer to add all thinks pink, bubbly and pampering to the goodie bags. I would really recommend doing this for your bridesmaids.

Real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin: Besties For Bridesmaids

I enlisted my Teaching Assistant (who is also my close friend and who now realises that working with me is also like being my wedding PA) and my Mum to help me put the bags together. I just felt that it was a really special way to start the journey of my wedding with them.

With a location nightmare – none of my bridesmaids live Dubai, with three being in the north of England and two in the South, the next dilemma was working out how and when to ‘pop the question’. Limited to school holidays, I had a few days off so booked my flight and told the girls I needed to see them. Fortunately, my friends from London were amazing and came up to Manchester as I was limited on time (I knew there was a reason these girls were going to be my bridesmaids). I think the girls already knew I was going to ask them. It’s kind of an unspoken rule amongst your closest friends, and you just know (or hope) that you are going to be part of the bridal party.

Real Dubai Bride Amy Cowin: Besties For Bridesmaids

Over a few pink cocktails and a bite to eat, all the girls said yes to ‘I can’t say I do without you’, providing I don’t put them in a toilet roll holder style bridesmaid dress. Anyway, these girls would look great in a bin bag!  And now the excitement begins for the hen party, which is only a few weeks away! We’ll be having it in France, and I can’t work out if I’m nervous or excited…eeek!

 Next month I will be talking about the trials and tribulations of wedding dress shopping…

xX Amy Xx

Don’t forget to log on next month to see Amy’s latest bridal diary post!

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