Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: My Dubai Bachelorette

Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: My Dubai Bachelorette

Our real Dubai bride Maja Lunsjo is married! After sharing her wedding planning journey with us for the past year or so, we are happy to report that Maja and her fiancé Chris had a fantastic day. Look out for Maja’s real wedding on BCME soon!

In the meantime, Maja has very kindly shared the details of her Dubai Bachelorette party, which was organised by her friends. Read on to find out what was involved!

Diary of Real Bride-Maja

Last month my fabulous Dubai friends surprised me with a bachelorette party of their own.

“Be ready at 10am. Wear comfortable but sporty clothes including trainers. Bring sunscreen and make sure you eat a big breakfast”.

That’s weird, this doesn’t sound like the instructions to a spa day, I thought to myself as I reached for a second croissant (after all, they had said to have a big breakfast and who am I to break the rules?). I had a couple of ideas of where we might be going including a Colour Run or a team building exercise day. I was very wrong. Two hours later, I found myself strapped into a harness, ready to climb a 5-metre ladder towards a zip line. The girls were eagerly cheering me on whilst also making sure I went first at every obstacle – thanks ladies!


Aventura Park describes itself as a ‘tree-surfing, zip-lining, rope-climbing adventure’. It has four courses to choose from, ranging from easy to difficult. Feeling confident, we skipped the beginners’ ‘Rangers’ circuit and went straight to the ‘Explorador’. Standing on the small ledge 5 metres up in the air, I have to admit I was second-guessing that choice, but as soon as my feet left the platform (with a little help from a friendly push) and I was whooshing through the air, I loved it.

After completing the course a few of us (probably high on the adrenaline) decided to take on the ultimate challenge of the ‘Extreme’ circuit. This circuit is 9 metres high and includes a 25 metre ‘Tarzan jump’. Not for the faint hearted, but it was so much fun. My muscles were in agony after and the whole experience made for some great team bonding.


We then headed back to the city to shower and change, after which we were invited over to my friend Cat’s apartment. I barely recognised her place, as she had gone all out with both food and decorations, including personalised cupcakes and chocolate-dipped bananas. We stayed at Cat’s for a few hours of dancing and chatting, then headed to JBR for the now Dubai-famous STK night brunch. I had never been there but since the bachelorette it has quickly become one of my favourite brunches in Dubai. The food was delicious and the music was fab. As brunch comes to an end, they dim the lights, increase the volume and bring out the robot dancers(!!). The robot dancers will put on a performance and then walk around the tables to dance with guests. Cat saw an opportunity to get me involved and before I knew it, I was dancing on a table with one of the robots. The perfect end to the perfect bachelorette day!

IMG_7224 copy



In case you were wondering, the personalised bridal top I wore zip-lining was designed by my friend Becky and her company Little Boos. It is such a cute idea for both hen dos, birthday/Christmas presents or wedding gifts. You simply send her a photograph of the person you want to make a gift for and she designs a personalised Boo that looks like that person. She has a wide range of products including mugs, water bottles, bags and much more. She made me a complete bride package including my top, a fingerprint balloon print and my personal favourite, a mermaid sequence pillow. Definitely check her out if you need a last-minute Christmas present.

xX Maja Xx

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