Review: Foreo Luna 2 Face Exfoliator Brush

Get Your Pre-Wedding Glow On With The Foreo Luna 2 Face Exfoliator Brush

We all know that as a woman if there’s one day you pray for flawless skin, it’s on your wedding day! But how can you guarantee that stunning bridal glow? BCME’s Editorial Contributor Peta was given the chance to review the Foreo Luna 2, a pocket-sized beauty tool that promises cleaner, firmer, fresher and more radiant skin in just a matter of weeks. Find out what Peta thought below…


About the Foreo Luna 2

The Foreo Luna 2 Personalised Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Device has two sides each possessing a different purpose and mode. The front of the device is all about cleansing. The cleansing brush is completely covered in medical grade silicone, making it much more hygienic than traditional nylon bristle cleansing brushes and also much gentler on the skin. The back of the device features an anti-aging mode that refreshes wrinkle-prone areas with low-frequency pulsations. To replicate the powerfully effective facial cleansing benefits of professional spa beauty treatments, the LUNA 2 comprises Dual T-Sonic technology. Its two motors each generate 8,000 pulsations per minute, resulting in a wave of T-Sonic pulsations to purify the skin of 99.5% of impurities.

My experience 

Like most flat-out busy working women, my skincare routine can sometimes be rather basic and yes, I’ll admit it, I can be quite lazy when it comes to looking after my skin! Due to lack of time and generally spreading myself too thin, other than removing my makeup at the end of the day and occasionally moisturizing, my skin is usually left neglected. The first thing I was excited to learn about the Luna 2 device is that the recommended use is only 1 minute, twice a day. And because it’s 100% waterproof, you can use the Luna 2 in the shower, which is perfect for time conscious women like myself. Foreo suggest using the cleansing side of the device, the brush, with your daily cleanser so there’s no need to buy additional products.

I started to use my Luna 2 in the shower whilst washing out my shampoo (it’s all about multi-tasking ladies!) and I absolutely loved how easy it was to use. First, I applied my cleanser, I use Clean & Clear oil-free deep action refreshing gel cleanser, and then with a simple press of the power button, I activated the device’s cleansing mode. I then just moved the brush in slow circular motions around my face and after 1 minute, the device automatically stopped. There are plus and minus buttons either side of the power button, so you can control the intensity of the pulsations.

Foreo Luna 2 Face Exfoliator Brush

My first impression was that the brush itself felt really soft on my skin but at the same time I could feel the silicone bristles deeply cleaning my pores. Post-shower I felt my skin was instantly clearer and my makeup felt easier to apply. I noticed my foundation just glided onto my skin and sat much better for the entire rest of the day. I continued using the cleansing mode in the shower at least once a day and after only a few days I was addicted! I also tried the anti-aging mode every other day, which requires no additional product on the skin. I found this mode extremely relaxing and after a long day at work, or a busy day of wedding planning for you brides to be, it’s the perfect spa-like skincare experience to de-stress with, all in the comfort of your own home.

I found the Luna 2 device very easy to integrate into my morning and evening routines and after 3 weeks, I could visibly see and feel a positive difference in my skin. For brides to be I would highly recommend introducing the Luna 2 into your existing skin care routine, no matter how basic or complex that may be, in order to prepare your skin as the perfect canvas for your bridal makeup. After all, whether you’re going for a natural look on your big day, or something more glam, your makeup will look 1 million times better with fresh, clean skin.

My top three tips for using The Foreo Luna 2

 For 3 – 5 days I decided to use the cleansing mode alongside an exfoliator cleanser and I started to break out in a small red rash around my chin. This was caused by over exfoliating in a short space of time as I rarely exfoliate and my skin is very sensitive. Once I switched back to using my normal day to day cleanser the rash disappeared. So ladies, if you don’t exfoliate regularly stick to using the Luna 2 cleansing mode with your daily cleanser.

 Save time and use the device in the shower. In the morning it really brightens and cleans your skin and in the evening it’s the perfect bit of relaxing self-pampering!

 Due to its handy size, the Luna 2 is the ideal travel beauty tool. Whether it’s a staycation or your honeymoon, you need this in your bag! The device can conveniently be charged from a USB port and the battery lasts for weeks so don’t worry if you forget your charger.

Foreo Luna 2 Face Exfoliator Brush

Where to find the LUNA 2 Professional Spa-Like Anti-Aging & Face Exfoliator Brush

With Dual T-Sonic™ technology and an advanced 2nd generation brush head, the LUNA 2 professional is FOREO’s most powerful face exfoliator brush yet. LUNA 2 professional features dual motors, an innovative anti-aging function, and its specially-developed brush head is suitable for all skin types.

The LUNA 2 comes in different formats for sensitive, normal, combination or oily skin. It is priced at 1,290 AED and is available at Foreo’s website here.


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