Review: Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation With Champion Cleaners

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation With Champion Cleaners

So, before I start this review, I have a bit of a confession to make: I got married almost two and a half years ago, and afterward, I never had my wedding dress cleaned. There, I said it. It was a great day, and with great days come all kinds of mishaps. From drink spillages to getting accidentally knocked over by a rather jovial guest (don’t worry, my billowing dress acted like a big pillow for me to fall back into), my gorgeous Justin Alexander gown was a sorry state of affairs the following day. To add to all this mess, the hemline was a revolting, grey/black colour after being inevitably dragged along the floor all night long, despite the best efforts of one of my bridesmaids to prevent exactly that from happening.


After the wedding, it was a whirlwind of saying goodbye to guests, writing thank you notes, and generally recovering from all the planning and stress. My beautiful gown was placed back in its bag and hung in a wardrobe in the spare room, so out of sight that I pretty much forgot about it. On occasion, I would remember that it desperately needed a professional clean, but as my long list of jobs only got longer, getting my dress cleaned remained way down near the bottom.

wedding dress cleaning & preservation with champion cleaners

Rachael’s gown before the wedding.

It was only recently, when Champion Cleaners became BCME vendors, that I finally got my act together and arranged to have my once beautiful dress restored to its former glory. Arranging the pick up from my home was really easy. I was called one afternoon by a representative from the company who wanted to come and collect the dress that day. However, as I would be out that evening, I requested a pick up the following morning instead. After requesting a pickup time of 10 am, I was told that 10:30 would be better due to the logistics of opening my local store and getting the delivery driver out on the road. I really appreciated this honesty; all too often I find that some companies over promise on things they simply cannot fulfill. This often leads to disappointment. Not so here. I happily agreed on a 10:30 pick up and was glad that 10 am had not been agreed on, only for me to sit around waiting for an extra half an hour.

wedding dress cleaning & preservation with champion cleaners

An example of some of the dirt on the hemline after the wedding.

As it turned out, I ended up having to pop out that morning. I left the dress with my husband, ready for him to hand over at 10:30. This happened with no problems whatsoever and the driver even took my husband’s phone number as well.

wedding dress cleaning & preservation with champion cleaners

It’s easy to see how Rachael’s dress became so dirty on the hemline…

My dress was away from home for about three days. When it came to delivering my dress back to me, this was done promptly.

My dress arrived in a large white box which will be easy to store on a shelf in the wardrobe. Within the box, my dress was wrapped, alongside my veil. To ensure the dress kept its shape, it was packed out with cardboard. I also noted that the original Justin Alexander hanger and bag were also wrapped up separately within the box. I was really happy that these items had been returned to me; after all, they are a part of the overall product, and if I was ever to sell or gift my dress, I would want to do so with the hanger and special bag.

I must admit that I was slightly nervous as I inspected my dress. I had left it so long to get cleaned that part of me expected that the dirt and grime would be so well ingrained into the fabric that it would be impossible to get rid of completely. However, I was astounded to discover that my dress looked as good as new. It appeared brighter, and all the dark marks from around the hem had disappeared. I was seriously impressed! The beading on my dress was still complete, and the delicate fabric was undamaged by the cleaning process. In addition, my veil had gone from a crumpled up piece of material to actually looking like a veil again!

My only regret is that I didn’t get this done sooner. Thank you, Champion!

wedding dress cleaning & preservation with champion cleaners

To find out more about Champion Cleaners’ services, you can visit their BCME vendor listing here. You can also visit their website here. Champion Cleaners have 42 branches across the UAE.

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