A Love Story Like No Other: A Wedding Video By The Wedding Filmer

A Love Story Like No Other: A Wedding Video By The Wedding Filmer

Today we have the pleasure of revealing a rather exquisite wedding video which reveals the story of how the couple met. Submitted to us by The Wedding Filmer, this unique concept injects reality and meaning into a beautifully soundtracked visual affair.

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The Wedding Filmer is the brainchild of Vishal Punjabi, who is originally from Accra, Ghana. Vishal happened to shoot a friend’s wedding in 2010 whilst doing script research for his latest feature film, and The Wedding Filmer was born! What’s really special about the videos is that original music is created specifically for each couple. In this video, it’s a cover of Etta James’ ‘At Last’ by Bootstraps and an original soundtrack called ‘Meri Yaadein’.

The video tells the story of how Raphael, from France, met his bride Ivy, from India, thanks to the help of their pets. Enjoy!

A Note From The Videographer

Wedding Video By The Wedding Filmer

Above: Vishal Punjabi of The Wedding Filmer

Ivy and Raphael are easily amongst the loveliest couple we’ve had the pleasure of filming for. Their love for each other and the joy they brought to the room was infectious! Everything about their wedding was beautiful and we instantly hit it off together which made it really easy for us to capture their memories and we made some of our own along the way.

The most rewarding part is to see them relive their big day through our lens, it is people like them who inspire us to keep doing what we do and tell more stories. Having filmed weddings for over eight years now, we do believe that every bride deserves a fairytale. And that’s our constant attempt; not just with our films, but also with the original music we create. 

The Wedding Filmer started as something that was born out of love and respect. Our films tend to stand-out in a sea of varied content for the pure reason that we do not stage anything. Brides and grooms aren’t actors, this is also something we teach at our workshops. For their wedding film to be timeless, we have to give them a memory that they remember instead of making them enact a new one. 

To learn more about The Wedding Filmer, visit their website here. For more real wedding inspiration, click here.

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