Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: Brighton Bachelorettes & Brutal Workouts – 6 Weeks To Go!

Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: Brighton Bachelorettes & Brutal Workouts – 6 Weeks To Go!

As we well and truly enter October, our real Dubai bride Maja Lunsjo’s wedding is fast approaching. Thankfully, our cool, calm and collected bridal diary contributor seems to have everything under control! This month, learn about Maja and her fiancé Chris’s respective bachelorette and bachelor parties, as well as their final push to look and feel their very best on their big day. Enjoy!

Diary of Real Bride-Maja

This month we passed a huge pre-wedding hurdle: we both survived our bachelor / bachelorette parties!
Chris was whisked off to a villa in Malaga with his mates where he played golf, ate paella and went busking dressed in a Mariachi outfit (at least these are the activities he has chosen to share with me).

As for me, I was absolutely spoiled with a 4-day trip to Brighton in the UK with seventeen of my closest girlfriends. We stayed in a beautiful house and spent the weekend dancing, did a life painting, went to afternoon tea and spent some real quality time together. It was doubtlessly one of the best trips I’ve ever done!



Both Chris and I agreed that one of the highlights of our trips away was how excited everyone seemed for the wedding, and it has really rubbed off! With so much to do in the final few weeks we have both been feeling a little overwhelmed, but it turns out that a few days of quality time with our friends was exactly what we needed and we have come back to Dubai fired up and feeling super psyched about the wedding.

I realised that the wedding is now only six weeks away! Seriously, where has all the time gone? From now on it is all go, go, go until the big day. Over the next few weeks we will be finalising the seating arrangements and wedding timeline, signing off on all creative elements like the printed menu and order of ceremony, arranging all pre-wedding activities for guests arriving a few days early and working on our vows and speeches. So much to do but all super exciting stuff!

We will also be working a little extra hard on getting rid of that final weight before the wedding goal, and have been working closely with our PT Nikita for some extra help. Nikita works with The Project DXB and we have been combining one on one workouts with her with larger group sessions hosted by Jack and Anna at Project DXB. Brutal but effective! Nikita has also provided us with a healthy eating plan to help us with the final push and it is really showing results; I already fit into the dress I ordered two sizes two small! I will be making a separate post of our pre wedding “getting into shape” routine with a few more details in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested in some inspiration.

xX Maja Xx

Don’t forget to log on next month to see Maja’s latest bridal diary post!

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