Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: Too Much Pie

Too Much Pie

Our real Dubai bride Maja Lunsjo is back this month to give us her regular update as she plans her Dubai wedding. At first glance, you might think that, due to the title of this post, Maja is embarking on a fitness and healthy eating regime as her wedding approaches…but this isn’t the case. Instead, Maja discusses how it has recently been a struggle to fit wedding planning into her already busy life – something we’re sure all brides-to-be can relate to!

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Diary of Real Bride-Maja

As I write this post, today marks eight years to the day since Chris and I first met. It is a little scary to think how fast the time has gone, but I also can’t imagine ever having gone through the past eight years without him. We are currently on holiday in Thailand attending our friend’s wedding in Phuket, which is proving the perfect opportunity to reflect on our own wedding planning so far and map out our plan for the next 8 months. 

Real Dubai Bride Maja Lunsjo: Too Much Pie

I once read that the best way to manage time is to divide it into slices, like a pie. You have a slice for family, a slice for career, a slice for socialising, a slice for health/exercise, and a slice for personal time and hobbies. Once a week (or even once a day) you take time aside to focus on each slice, ensuring no part of the pie gets neglected.

This has worked really well for me until suddenly I decided to throw in a whole slice of wedding planning without decreasing any of my other slices. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the smartest approach.

I am sure that anyone planning a wedding has heard the saying ‘It takes a village’. Under normal circumstances, the wedding couple would be able to rely on family members and friends to help out with the various stages of wedding planning, but unfortunately, by choosing to have our wedding abroad this is a luxury that Chris and I have had to forego.

To keep on top of things, we make a list each month of tasks we need to complete for the wedding, and March was no different. But as it happens both of us were distracted by unexpected social and work commitments, as well as preparing for our holiday, so the wedding planning got put on hold. As a result, we are now revisiting the topic of hiring a wedding planner to help arrange all the little details of the day and allow us to balance or social lives and work without getting completely derailed by the wedding. We have a long list of both pros and cons which I will share with you next month.

I did manage to get one thing done in March though; the lingerie! As you may know, I was lucky enough to win the Bride Club ME Valentine’s competition and the prize included a beautiful lingerie piece from Lasya Intimates. Lasya Intimates was founded by Rachel, and she invited me to her home to show me her beautiful collection of lingerie. After I had been measured for my piece we chatted over coffee and Rachel told me about her decision to set up Lasya Intimates, and how she selects unique pieces from all over the world including New York, Italy and the UK to build up her collection. Talk about job envy! Her collection also includes swimwear for the honeymoon, so if you are a bride to be (or just fancy some cute lingerie or swimwear) I would recommend you check out Lasya Intimates.  Here is one of my favourite pieces from their collection.


Until next month!

xX Maja Xx

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