Review: Kaya Clinic Ultima Laser Hair Removal

Kaya Clinic Ultima Laser Hair Removal

I have a confession; I am a hairy woman! There, I said it. I know many women also suffer from excessive hair and whilst some women embrace their whiskers, I am personally one who does not.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a clinic’s worst candidate, but it’s a big enough issue that has seen me plucking, tweezing and threading at my face for most of my adult life.

In the past, I have tried laser hair removal treatment, with relative success, until I was scarred by a trigger happy consultant. This was enough to put me off, until now.


When the team over at Kaya Clinic in Mirdif City Centre invited me to trial their latest Kaya Ultima laser hair removal treatment, I was sceptical and, suffice to say, a little dubious given past experiences. However, they quickly assured me that I would be in professional and capable hands.


My treatments took place at Kaya Clinic’s Mirdif branch, located in Mirdif City Centre, shop no 349. The clinic is close to Sisters Beauty Lounge on the first level.


I’d describe the Mirdif Kaya Clinic branch as a clean, neutrally decorated, no-fuss centre. There is a small, comfortable waiting room, where Arabic coffee is available to clients awaiting their consultations and treatments. Sweets are offered to guests, which is a nice touch.


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The experience: Sessions 1 & 2

Prior to my first treatment, I met with Laser Specialist Sandhya, to have an initial consultation. Upon assessing my problem areas, I was given the go ahead as being a good candidate for treatment and all of my concerns and queries were answered well.

My first treatment started with Sandhya, shaving the targeted areas on my face. Once this was done, I was given a pair of goggles to wear to protect my eyes from any UV light. After marking the problematic areas with a red pen and awaiting my approval, the machine was then placed on my face one area at a time. A short beep and a flash of red light in my peripheral vision was all I experienced, and the pain was non-existent. This was a first for me, having tried laser elsewhere which was painful and uncomfortable. I am genuinely impressed with how pain free my Kaya experience has been thus far.


Honestly, it was more like a quick shock to the system because of the rapid succession of sound and light rather than pain. My pain free experience was a result of a special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers cooling to the epidermal layer of your skin in the very same instant as the laser pulse.

To subdue any possible redness or discomfort, Sandhya gently rubbed ice on my skin to cool it down and applied an after-care sun cream. It is not recommended that you expose your skin to direct sunlight after having this treatment.

After the first session, I noticed small, very short hairs growing from the areas that were lasered. These hairs however fell out, leaving a hairless and silky smooth surface for at least three weeks after my initial session. After three weeks, I noticed patchy re-growth. I was advised not to remove hair by plucking, tweezing, waxing or using creams during the entire four weeks before my next treatment, which was not easy to say the least, but it was explained to me that this ensures that as many hair follicles as possible contain a hair, and can therefore be destroyed by the light.

Four or five weeks later, I returned for my second session. Sandhya felt that it was safe to ramp up the strength of my laser a notch of two for better results. As before, the area in question was shaved, goggles were worn and the treatment began, once again, without an iota of pain.

Afterwards, the ice and aftercare cream were again applied and my next appointment was made for five weeks later.

The results after two sessions:

So far, so good. I have noticed a small reduction in overall hair growth and the density of hair. There are a few stubborn hairs that refuse to calm down, but tune in next month for my final results review and images, after which I will have completed a total of four sessions, the recommended number of visits being eight.

Don’t have the patience to wait until my final review? You can have your own consultation with Kaya Skin Clinic, Mirdif, Dubai, by calling +971 4 357 6620 or visiting to book an appointment.

Review: Kaya Clinic Ultima Laser Hair Removal, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


  1. Finally a good feedback about the laser hair ultima version from Kaya. A friend of mine took this therapy and has been talking about it lately. I wanted to know for sure that it works, if not instantly, but at least slowly.
    Since you recommend it for painless hair removal, I think I might go at my nearest Bengaluru Kaya skin clinic. Any idea if the one at Koramangala is any good? Would like reviews about the clinic before I pay them a visit. Thnxx.

  2. Gauhar says:

    Totally agree with you when it comes to Kaya laser hair removal reviews because even I visited a Kaya clinic recently and though of reviewing it. Starting with the Kaya drink, everything was good for me. First I had a discussion wit h the inhouse dermatologist who asked me different questions about skin and health to know me better. Then she directed her team to take me through the process. The whole affair lasted for 45 minutes and I had to go for at least 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks.
    Gradually, the laser hair removal started working because some parts still had some hair. Then after all 6 sessions, I observed that my skin was smooth as butter. Loved the service and highly recommend it. Painless and smart – that is kaya skin clinic review.

  3. Namrata says:

    I have started Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal treatment last month and yesterday it was my 3rd session and so far i am satisfied with the results and if someone really want to get rid of unwanted body hair they must consider laser hair removal as their first option. I will give my overall kaya feedback after completing all the sessions.

  4. Gopika Dhulluraja says:

    That’s a great and honest review you have shared there. Even I like to comment that I had a great experience with a Kaya Clinic in Bangalore. I visited a clinic for a beauty facial before my engagement earlier this year in April. My only requirement was that my face should hold the makeup through the ceremony especially in the humid weather. The staff and head dermatologist there assured me that it would and they did their job perfectly. I must say that I had a pleasant experience overall at Kaya Clinic in Bangalore. Would visit again and recommend to all.

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