Real Dubai Bride Anna Lucas: Less Than Three Weeks To Go!

Less Than Three Weeks To Go!

As the wedding season here in the UAE prepares to come to a close, our real Dubai Bride Anna Lucas is in the midst of her final preparations in anticipation for her big day. It’s amazing to think that we’ve followed Anna since her proposal story, and now here we are, mere weeks from her wedding. Find out what Anna has been up to below, in her second to last diary installment. Enjoy!

Real Dubai Bride Anna Lucas: Less Than Three Weeks To Go!

So, in less than three weeks’ time, I will be knee deep in joy and emotion…(please God, touch wood, Inshallah – I have really developed such superstitions over the last few months, I’m OBSESSED!).

Our monster of a list has now come down to just a few itty bitty lines of last minute things to do which we are leisurely ticking off. My Mum arrives next weekend, so at last we will be reunited to do the final stages together!

One thing which has really contributed to us getting so much ticked off these last few weekends has been the disastrous weather. Not so great for the base tan layer, but amazing for giving us two free days each week to tick off the List of Doom. In the meantime, there’s been a slight hitch in that I have developed a stomach ulcer, so I am ‘man down’ for a few days. However, I will certainly not let anything minor like that get in the way of business/wedding planning as usual.

Lots has been done, though, pre-internal injury – gifts for bridesmaids have all been bought and are now ready, packed by the door to go to the hotel. We also did a massive Ikea candle shop last weekend to enhance the décor at the venue.

File Apr 03, 10 36 45

Shoes have been purchased and are packed in my Mum’s case ready for her to bring to Dubai. A lot of bikinis have been ordered for before and after the wedding – so all those are ready to rock too – woohoo I can’t wait! As part of our tasting, we recently met with the Assistant Head Chef of Al Qasr, who was a delight, and ate course after course of meat and cake – AMAZINGGGG!

File Apr 03, 10 47 12

We met again with Tom’s suit makers, who seem amazing. Let’s hope the product is as tremendous as we feel it’s going to be. Our DJ, who we went to see ‘spin’ at Level Shoe this weekend, is hands down the best DJ in the universe! We briefed him, even though it was not needed, on the mix of music we were looking for, and can’t wait for him to entertain us at the reception.

Meanwhile, the honeymoon dilemma continues. Do we squeeze it in right after our wedding before we jet off for another wedding in Portugal, or do we wait until September and take more time planning and looking forward to it? I don’t know, too many decisions right now!

A final email went out to all guests with a suggested agenda for the week that people can opt in and out of, with a lot of suggestions of things to do here!

The all-important hair and makeup trials have begun, and I have another this weekend. The full schedule for the day has been sent out to the bridal party ahead of time; I find getting the easy stuff off the list now easier than freaking out about it last minute.

File Apr 03, 10 37 04

Next time I write here, I’ll be about to walk down the aisle! YIKES.

xX Anna Xx

Don’t forget to log on next month to see Anna’s final bridal diary post!

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